Roosevelt look all

Despite Elizabeths bang up job of recapping the season opener last week (sarcasm intended) I am going to try and take the baton and get us through the rest of this season!  So here we go:

Last week was a lot of fun cause we got to see some Russians get killed, this week was even more fun because we got to see Danny Trejos AND Benito Martinez kill some Russians!  Many of you will recogize Martinez from his time on the Shield and, lets face it, Danny Trejos needs no introduction.  Not only did we get that duo of awesomness, but we also got to see the new sheriff in town show Clay who is boss.  After having a gang of Russians killed in Charming less than 24 hours after getting out of prison, Roosevelt knew he had to lay the smack down.  So, he did what any possibly psychotic sheriff would do, he pretended there was fire and chopped up the clubhouse with a fire axe!  I love it, I just wonder if the “normal” citizens of Charming ever think maybe they should just get the hell out before the next wave of crazy blows through town.

Meanwhile, back in Jax’s world of “I want out” but “I can’t let my club go to hell”, we find him backing Clay in a plot to make SAMCRO cocaine mules for Danny Trejos gang o’misfits.  Clay thinks having Jax back him up will help him win the vote, and Jax thinks backing him up will earn him enough money to get out of SAMCRO in one piece and never have to return.  Only problem is that Opie and Bobby just ain’t having it.  Bobby even tells Clay he will not allow him to bring the club down with this deal, I feel a battle royale on the horizon!

Gemma is back to trying to figure out if Jax knows what happened to his dad.  Apparently even Unser knows what happened and possibly even Tara.  Gemma’s snooping through Tara’s belongings revealed that Tara has the accident report and all the letters from John to Jax.  Interestingly enough though Tara is not acting like she knows anything, and we all know that bitch can’t keep her mouth shut, so I don’t think she knows as much as Gemma thinks.

Then, on a random note, doesn’t the new U.S. Attorney Potter look eerily like Jax’s dad John?

John Teller

Lincoln Potter

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  1. Bart Simpson says:

    He’s either JT or JT’s brother. I think it’s JT and he had Unser fudge the death report and he decided to resurface after Jax met the IRA to try to get Jax out.

  2. Tj says:

    I think that Lincoln potter is John teller. Why else would he ride a old triumph? help the club keep charming hights development from going ahead? why would he try to kill the club but help Juice make a deal that gave them some small protection from the big crimes? also why wouldnt he show himself to any of the senior club and protect his identity so much?

    • Sunshine says:

      i still think there is something up with him despite the fact that the season finale kind of just blew him off like he wasn’t the key to whole story arc all season. i hope he comes back next season and does something to get Jax out of this deal he is stuck in now with the cartel.

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