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  1. I am contacting you regarding your use of S&E as a trademark and logo on

    My company S&E Entertainment contests your usage of the S&E trademark, as S&E Entertainment, Inc. is the lawful owner of the S&E mark. Notably, your particular usage of the S&E mark on your website is strikingly similar to my company’s trademark. S&E Entertainment, Inc. has used the S&E trademark in commerce since 2008, which supersedes your claimed usage.

    While we take no issue with your website, we ask that you cease and desist using the S&E trademark in connection with your website and any film, television, music, or entertainment related activities. If you wish to discuss the matter, please feel free to call me at the number listed below.

    Matthew Nagel, Esq
    S&E Entertainment, Inc.

  2. Tayla says:

    the dress that kaylie wears in the photo shoot with nicky, i was wondering what brand and where i could get one like it??

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