This episode opened with Abbey (Jennifer Grey) giving birth to a baby girl.  She was full term but something was wrong.  The baby was having trouble breathing and issues with her liver.  House and the team are put to the test to see if they find the right diagnosis.

Cuddy enlisted House to babysit Rachel because she had a board meeting and no one else to watch her.  House begrudgingly agrees because he fears that Cuddy will withhold sex.  Before House went on his adventure in babysitting he apologized to Foreman for asking Chase to hire a female doctor.  He gave Foreman a chance to hire and he was ready due to having interviews all week.  House checked on the team and fired Foreman’s pick over the phone.  Now the ball is in Taub’s court to hire a female doctor.  Taub had the brilliant plan of making it seem like House is actually picking the female doctor.

House called Wilson over and tried to hoodwink him into watching Rachel.  Wilson threatened to hire a babysitter and call Cuddy to tell her what happened.  House agreed to stay and when they went back into the house they found that Rachel destroyed the living room and had been eating coins.  When Cuddy returned home, House volunteered to spend the night.  Of course his  plan was to make sure that the missing dime was found either at the house or in Rachel’s diaper!

After many trials Foreman and Taub inform Abbey that she gave her baby cancer.  After running some test, Abbey had lung and skin cancer.  Her skin cancer was helping her lung cancer.  The baby, Kayla, will need chemo.  Abbey decide to hold off on her surgery and the babies chemo knowing the chances would be worst for the both of them.  This left her older daughter upset that her mother was  taking a chance with  her life for a two-day old child.  Abbey died within seconds due to her tumor she was waiting to get removed.

Taub’s candidate decided not to be a part of the team do to him acting like a paranoid kid.

House and Wilson found out that there was no extra dime.  This meant they were struggling this whole episode trying to get the dime to pass for no reason.

House and Rachel (


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