This episode starts off with Nikita shopping for weapons.  What is she up to now?  Nikita is going to thwart Division’s protective custody of a Slavic leader, Mirko.  Guess what she is not the only one and they don’t seem to happy that the target has hired protection.  Alex continues to pretend that she has a hard time with the training.  Birkoff warned her to get it together or she wont last long.

Percy tells Michael to activate 13 (Alex) to be an escort for their newest client.  This doesn’t sit well with Jaden, who will get “that bitch.”  We then see Amanda prepping Alex for her mission.  Michael took Alex to the creepy Mirko and he didn’t seem to thrilled.  Does Michael have a soft spot that hardened over from Nikita and now Alex is making it soft again?  Alex managed to get Nikita on the phone to tell her the location and that Mirko is the client. 

Alex tried to handle herself but Nikita was unable to help.  Michael took a chance and busted into the room.  The other group after Mirko came in guns blazing so Nikita had to save his life.  He got a glimpse of her as she was aiming for the group who spoiled her plan.

We learned a fun fact this episode.  Amanda is also known as the inquisitor!  She was called in to question for intel on Nikita.  Alex was communicating with Nikita when Jaden came to, “kick her ass.”  Good thing Alex was able to throw a chair and destroy the computer she was on.  Nikita and Amanda found out who the blonde woman was, Hannah, from the other mercenary group.  Apparently the Division is not the only mercenaries after Mirko’s nukes.  Hannah revealed herself to Mirko.  Her father was the brains behind the nuclear operation.  She wanted protection for her family.

Nikita found the group and got the GPS for the nukes before Michael.  She then threw it on  the train tracks.  Percy “cleaned up the mess” as to who would take the blame for what happened.  Michael then shot their client.

Michael gave Alex the heads up that she had two weeks to show improvement or Percy would get rid of her.  Alex thanked him for saving her life.

Alex had flashbacks about how she met Nikita.  A year ago Alex was a junkie.  She was about to be ganged raped when Nikita, “her fairy godmother,” saved the day.  Nikita then took her home to a portable sauna to get clean, “as a gift.”  Nikita confessed that she was looking for her for two years and that she knew who killed her parents.  Probably Division!


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