Man on a Ledge (2012)

Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) is a man out to prove his innocence.  We first meet Nick when he rents a hotel room, eats an expensive meal, wipes his finger prints off everything in the room and then proceeds to step out on a ledge.  But why is Nick there?  The movie is so glad you asked!  Flash back to Sing Sing where we learn Nick is serving a 25 year sentence (for stealing a diamond!) and that he is an ex-cop!  That’s your first twist.  Then things get twistier when Nick is allowed to go to his father’s funeral, gets in a fight with his brother Joey (Jamie Bell) and then escapes–which brings us up to present day.  We wind our way through a convoluted, improbable heist that takes place while Nick is stalling the police (including worlds worst negotiator Lydia Mercer, played by Elizabeth Banks) and holding the attention of the city on his tiny ledge.  Not only do we follow the heist we also get so many ridiculous twists (like, is his cop best friend Mike Ackerman (Anthony Mackie) really his worst enemy?) that you will lose count!  But with all these questions the ultimate question is—will he jump???

Sunshine’s Thoughts: The only way to save this movie would have been to have Sam Worthington jump and take everyone in this movie with him.  The whole movie was miscast, but Elizabeth Banks had to be by far the worst choice as the negotiator.  According to the movie she is an alcoholic who kills more people than she saves, no one on the force likes her (I’m assuming because she’s a beautiful woman with more sass than sense), and they only call her in because the jumper requests her.  It’s an odd story, and I think we were supposed to care that she is treated like an outsider and that she eventually redeems herself by helping Nick prove his innocence—but i just didn’t care, all I could think about was how she managed to keep her job.  The movie only got worse by throwing in twist after twist: SPOILERS such as Nick’s fight with his brother being faked so he could escape, Nick’s cop “friend” being one of the people that set him up, and Nick’s dad not really being dead!!!  I know you are probably shocked, but seriously these things come a mile away (every “twist” was followed by a closeup of the person telling you the twist–in case you were unsure that a twist had just occurred).  Then once the movie ends (by the way if you are wondering Nick pulls off the “re-theft” of the diamond to prove his innocence) we see Nick and the negotiator Lydia go to a bar together (cause of course they fell in love on that ledge) that his dad runs!  The place is filled with cops, Nick is a former cop, his dad runs a cop bar—and yet no one seemed to know who Nick was when he was on the ledge AND no one recognized his dad the entire movie.  This was quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever sat through.  I give this movie 1/5 stars, I probably wouldn’t even watch this when it finally comes on TV.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:  So the movie isn’t really about a man on a ledge.  I walked away thinking it was about his brother and his brother’s girlfriend at the end.  The idea for the plot of the film was and is still a great idea.  The poor execution and script flow is what completely ruins the film.  I didn’t know if I was watching a comedic romance, the new Spider-Man reboot or a classic heist film.  There was a whole lot going on with not a lot of direction or flow that made sense.  I do take pride in the fact that I figured out the Cassidy brother’s dad wasn’t dead and wait for it… (SPOILER) was the hotel concierge throughout the whole process.  If you want to see it wait till the dollar movies.  I mean the action of being on a ledge, is he going to jump, oh man he is jumping is pretty cool to see on a big screen.  I have seen worse the year.  That’s right I’m looking at you Devil Inside!! 2012 is not coming off strong but February and March bring new films to the game.  I give Man on a Ledge 1.5 stars.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Daniel Craig plays journalist Mikael Blomkvist who has just lost a humiliating and possibly career court battle.  Knowing that his time as a journalist is in trouble Blomkvist decides to take a job working for Henrik Vanger (Christopher Plummer) investigating the disappearance of Henrik’s neice while pretending to write his biography.  Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara), a possibly mentally unstable genius, is brought into assist him.  As the mystery begins to unravel we meet Vanger’s extended and strange family, learn about Lisbeth’s past and the struggles she endures, and eventually find out what really happened to the missing girl.

Sunshine’s Thoughts:  Before I tell you what I thought about this movie you should be given fair warning that this film contains two graphic rape scenes, and some pretty nasty torture.  If you can handle those things and keep them within the concept of the story then this will be a movie you will like.  Rooney Mara was a great choice for the odd, but enticing Lisbeth and she owns the movie.  I found myself not so much caring what Daniel Craig was up to unless he was working with Lisbeth.  The movie keeps a fast pace and never lost my interest.  Even having read the book and seen the Swedish version I was still wrapped up in the central mystery.  Overall I would give this movie a 4/5, but would recommend that you see the Swedish version as I feel it is the better of the two.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:  I am a rare person that has not seen the original or seen the books.  I will say that it was very difficult to go into the film with a clean slate as I was tainted with people’s perceptions of the books that they read in their book clubs and the graphically shot of the original film.  I agree with Sunshine that some parts in the film were not for the faint of heart.  For a newbie to the Millennium series it was a strong story and was shot well.  I did feel like I was in the theater a long time but I also felt that way about War Horse.  I may have movie ADHD and crave 1 hour and 30 minute films.  If you have the heart for it go see it.  I give this film 3/5.

Post Holiday TV

Since the holiday specials and movies have been over, I have been getting back into the groove of television.  So far this is what I am watching.  With shows returning in February I am sure it will add. I may even blog about some continuously but not for now!


  • Once Upon a Time (ABC)  I really enjoy this show and it gives a good mix of “present time” vs. “Fairy Tale time.”

Mondays : 

Alcatraz (FOX)- Could this be my LOST replacement?  This show kicked off with a bang.

Being Human (SyFy)- I like the characters and the actors but I have already watched the original BBC version so it can get repetitive.  Unless they drastically change something I will not be watching whole heartedly.

Lost Girl (SyFy)- I really like this show about the Fare World.  It speaks to what me and Sunshine like.  You know, vampires, werewolves and such.  FYI, the guy who plays Dyson (Holden-Ried) also plays a werewolf in Underworld Awakening.


Last Man Standing (ABC)- Tim Allen.  Need I say more?

Jane By Design (ABC Family)- This is a cute story but I think some things are a bit fare fetched.  Why can’t Jane just be an intern and not have to live a huge lie that would never really work?  Oh well, I will just wait to see if she has some obsered relationship with the older guy at her work place.


One Tree Hill (CW)- I haven’t watched this since Luke left because I didn’t see the point.  I am back on the bus because it is the final season so I need to know how it ends.  Characters from the past including Luke will be featured in episodes.  Who wasn’t singing this song when it first came out?  

Are you there, Chelsea? (NBC)- This show is super funny.  NBC made a good choice with this one.

Revenge (ABC)- This show is so good!  I just wonder how they are going to keep it going for a second season?

Fridays:- No need to explain these.

Supernatural (CW)

Blue Bloods (CBS)


The Fades (SyFy)- This show has my interest for now.  Dealing with ghost who did not move on and are trying to stay among the living.  In some ways it has a Donnie Darko feel.

What are you watching?  Any of the shows mentioned here?  What are your thoughts?

What Liz is Watching

Hello, friends!  It has been a while since I posted on what I have been watching from Netflix, so let’s catch up.  This is going to be a long list of options for you!

The only thing that I have really watched on Instant was From Prada to Nada.  This is a modern “Latin” take of Sense and Sensibility.  It was a cute story and it is nice to see Alexa Vega in something that is not on Lifetime!

As for the DVD’s here are my thoughts:

Post Grad– I couldn’t believe this snuck up so high on my list.  It was very predictable.  I didn’t LOL so I say pass!

Green Lantern– BORING!  I didn’t have any expectations for this film but wow, I couldn’t believe how much it sucked.  Skip it if you haven’t already waisted time in your life watching it.

Scream 4–  I am a fan of the Scream film franchise so I was excited and the movie did not disappoint.  Kudos to Emma Roberts for playing crazy to perfection.  Watch It!

Priest– This movie was weird but the vision of how the vampires looked was unexpected.  I say give it a shot.

Captain America– Go Team USA.  This was a great comic action hero film.  I am so ready for The Avengers!

Warrior– I think I fell asleep.  This movie just wasn’t what I thought it would be and it was long.  Skip It!

The Smurfs– I was nervous for this film being a child of the 80’s but I really, really enjoyed this version of a classic.  Watch It!

Super 8– I heard if you liked ET you would like this because it was similar.  I didn’t get that from this film.  The alien is no ET except for wanting to go home.  I did enjoy it though.  I really enjoyed Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney in the film.  Yay young actors!  Watch It!

Zookeeper– This was a cute kids movie if they like talking animals.  Plus for the ladies Donnie Wahlberg plays the bad zookeeper!  Give it a try.

Cowboys & Aliens– I was excited for this movie and then I watched it.  I think I fell asleep twice (could have been do to a cold I have).  The lamest part of this film is Oliva Wilde’s character is an alien and her reborn alien body is still Olivia Wilde’s human body.  Watch at your own risk!  Oh! Wait!  Daniel Craig looks awesome as a 1800’s cowboy so that helps!

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

The second installment of Sherlock Holmes deals with love, death and a game.  A game of life or death!  If you haven’t seen it yet then here are the basics of the film: Sherlock is on the case to find and stop Moriarty (Harris).  Watson finally gets married and the other Holmes (Fry) serves as comedic relief.  Sherlock falls in love then she is killed (or is she???) and he seeks revenge!

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:

This film was long.  It got really boring in the middle and then picked back up.  The first Sherlock was fun because it was new but this second installment did not raise the bar for me.  Can we please give up the 300 slow motion fight/ action scenes.  Enough already!  I give it 2/5 stars.

Sunshine’s Thoughts:

I really disliked this movie.  It was long, boring, and even RDJ could not save this movie for me.  The first Sherlock was fine but suffered from the same problems as this one—it drags on far too long.  The slow motion was distracting and the only plus is the chemistry between Downey and Law.  Pass on this one until TV.  I give this 1.5/5 stars.

The Devil Inside (2012)

Let me start by saying that I feel shame for being able to write a post about this so called film!

This is a documentary style film about a daughter Isabella Rossi (Andrade) trying to help her mother Maria (Crowly) who is in a hospital in Italy.  With the help of two priest, Rawlings and Keane they set out to do unauthorized exorcisms.  Little did they know that the church was right to leave Maria alone.  She had the beast in her about four demons.  During the process they jump out and into one of the priest, Isabella and the camera man (Grama).  In the end we don’t know what happened.

Okay, worst movie ever to start out 2012!  The ending was lame.  Me and my cousin saw a preview of this and when the whole theater goes what?!? at the end you know it is bad.  Don’t waste your energy even contmeplating this film 0/5 stars!

Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol (2011)

Mission Impossible picks up with our main man Ethan Hunt in a Russian Prison.  Why is he there?  Turns out its all part of the ultimate plan to flush out the bad guy!  But that’s not really important–what is important is that we meet the new team.  Jeremy Renner as William Brandt, Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn, and Paula Patton as Jane Carter.  They bust Ethan out and set out on a pretty bad ass mission to stop some Russian nuclear missile codes from getting out.  Of course you know they succeed, but everything in between makes this movie well worth watching even if you know how it will end.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:  I really can’t remember much except for Jeremy Renner being amazing.  Oh, and the ending when Ethan and his wife make eye contact.  That was nice.  I can’t wait till the next one.  I give it 4/5 Stars.

Sunshine’s Thoughts: I saw this movie twice, once in IMAX and once on a regular screen.  I have to highly recommend the IMAX.  The movie is shot amazingly and when Tom Cruise is hanging off the side of a building in IMAX it makes your stomach drop.  (Also, if you get to see the 6 minute Batman preview in IMAX it will take your breath away.)  Overall, despite my personal dislike of Tom Cruise, I really enjoyed this movie.  It moves along at a fast pace, tells a great story, and introduces new characters quickly and cleanly.  I highly recommend checking this out even if you gave up on MI a long time ago.  I give it 4.5/5 stars.

War Horse (2011)

This film is about a horse, a war horse and a friend horse!  It wouldn’t be a true movie year without a film involving a horse!  This film takes you on a life journey of Joey, a spectacular horse, and the many relationships he has with humans before, during and after the WWI.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:

So what?  Yeah, I shed a few tears.  This film is a good War Horse film.  There is no other way to explain it.  The relationship between a man and a horse is very strong.  All of the parody jokes out there are spot on so it is hard to take the film too seriously with all of the jokes running through your head.  The much needed comic relief was the goose/ guard dog of the family farm.  Another plus is BBC’s Benedict Cumberbatch is in the movie for like 8 minutes!  I give this film 4/5 War Horses!

Sunshine’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed War Horse—until I realized it was not a movie about a murderous horse and was supposed to be a heart warming tear jerker.  This is a movie that plays purely on manipulating emotions and drawing as many tears from the viewer as it can–which is fine, but its just a little too manipulative for me.  Granted, I am cold hearted and don’t cry at movies, but really this movie felt like it was made purely to make someone cry.  With that being said, the movie was beautifully shot and moved along at nice pace so it was not boring which is always a good sign for a movie.  I left the movie knowing that Joey was in fact a murder horse that led to the death of all who touched him and I will maintain that stance until I die!  I give this film 3/5 War Horses.  (Also check out this hilarious illustrated review of War Horse)

2012 We are Back!

We know that you have missed us!  We have missed you!  Like most of you, Sunshine and I took a vacation from blogging but not pop culture.  So to answer your questions, yes we are alive and no this is not a dead blog.  Look out today and the rest of the week for some brief catch up posts to ease our transition back into the blogging world!


Sunshine and Elizabeth

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

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