So, I watched the show last week but forgot to do a re-cap as I was traveling.  Here are some highlights as to what happened.

The girls left to represent the U.S. are struggling to show improvement.  Marcus from the NGO came to see how things were going with Mac and the girls.  From what he could see and from what Payson said to him things were not going well.  This lead to Mac forcing the girls to a meeting at his house to watch Remember the Titans.  Come on now coach.  I enjoy that movie but that may not be the best way to motivate your girls gym squad.  At the end of the day they agreed to better coach, team player standards and it worked well in front of Marcus.

Another major thing that happened was KP and Kaylie got together to figure out who sent the Sasha/ Payson kiss video to the NGO.  Lauren was outed at the meeting but Payson said she already knew.  I have to give it up to Payson because by the end of the episode she was willing to work on her friendship with Lauren.  She also got Lauren to promise to go see a doctor about her “dizzy spells.”

For more details check out this recap.


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