This film is based on of the first book in the Suzanne Collins trilogy.  The setting is a dystopian America now called Panem that is divided into 12 districts.  Each district is responsible for a good used by the Capitol.  Our main character reside in District 12.  The capitol requires that each year every district has a lottery were one boy and one girl between the ages of 12-18 must go into a “Hunger Games.”  This is a battle to the death that takes place in an isolated arena where only one survives.

The Characters

  • Katniss (Lawrence):  She is our heroine, a 16 year old girl who volunteers for the games when her 12 year old sister is chosen for District 12’s female tribute.
  • Primrose (Shields):  Katniss’ younger sister who takes after her mother with skills in healing others.
  • Peeta (Hutcherson):  The baker’s son who is chosen for the male tribute.
  • Gale (Hemsworth):  Katniss’ hunting partner.  He is more than a friend but not her boyfriend.
  • Haymitch (Harelson):  A previous game winner from District 12 who mentors Katniss and Peeta.
  • Effie Trinket (Banks):  District 12’s escort.
  • Claudius Templesmith (Jones):  Hunger Games announcer.
  • Cinna (Kravitz):  Katniss’ clothing designer and confidant.
  • Rue (Stenberg): District 11 female tribute who forms an alliance with Katniss.
  • Thresh (Okeniyi):  District 11 male tribute.  He makes it to the final 4.
  • Portia (Rose):  Peeta’s clothing designer.
  • Glimmer (Rambin):  District 1 female tribute.
  • Marvel (Quaid):  District 1 male tribute.
  • President Snow (Sutherland):  The cold-hearted leader of Panem who does not root for the underdog.
  • Cato (Ludwig): District 2 male tribute.  He is the leader of the Careers, which are tributes from the first two districts, who train their whole lives and volunteer at age 18.  He makes it to the final four.
  • Clove (Fuhrman): District 2 female tribute.
  • Fox Face (Emerson ):  Tribute who is smart and survives in the arena by out thinking others.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:

I have to say I love, love, love the books and I really enjoyed the movie.  There were some differences but due to time constraints it was understandable.  Check out this cool comparison with the changes from the book made in the film here.  I love Peeta more in the film so I was not team Gale (thank you Josh Hutcherson!)but when I read the books I was all about some Gale and highly annoyed by Peeta.  Even with Hutcherson doing an “O” face the bulk of the film he is alright in my book.  Katniss in the film is more likable than in the book.  When I say that I mean she knows what she has to do and realizes her purpose in order to survive.  Go see this film, go read this book so the film makes more sense!  My most favorite thing was the fact that we got to see behind the games.  In the book it is totally from Katniss’ perspective so you don’t see what is going on with the President Snow, the Gamemakers or at the Districts.  I give this film 4.5 Mockingjay Pins!

Sunshine’s Thoughts: I saw this movie twice and the first time I was not that impressed.  However, after the second viewing I can now say I enjoyed the movie.  The first time I was very focused on the changes from the book, but when I watched the second time I made an effort to just watch the movie for the story it told.  There are still some things that I wonder how they will explain away in the second movie, but overall I was impressed with what they pulled off.  No translation from book to movie can be perfect, but this was probably the closest I have ever seen.  I give this film 4/5 Mockingjay Pins!

About Elizabeth

I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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