So the Make It or Break It girls came back this week.  If you missed the season premier check out the video on the ABC FAmily website.

The girls are at the US Training Center and the episode opens with Sasha defending the girls to Coach McIntyre. The question was asked what would happen to the girls if they were broken apart.  We got a new impoverished character, Jordan who has lived all over the East Coast and was dropped off outside the training center by a trucker named Marge.  Lauren solidified for those who were wondering that Emily was gone.  “In the end it is only us!”

Lauren is trying to come up with her own perfume, Kaylie is still with Max and Kaylie is still with Austin.

Jordan showed up to Coach McIntyre and he wanted to send her packing because she wasn’t invited.  She hadn’t competed in two years.  Meanwhile Sasha tried to get the girls to not focus on The Rock and to prepare for their newest challenge.  He then gave Payson his Olympic Medal.  How sweet.  Goodbye Sasha!

At this point I was wondering where are we going.  Within the first 12 minutes they had got rid of old people and added new ones!  Some things don’t change, Lauren was about to open Payson’s letter from Max but was stopped by a new “bff.”  When Payson asked Lauren if there was a letter from Max, she of course lied and said no.  This girl will never change!  The trio then went to have some fun in the training room but someone had beat them their… Jordan!  Of course she hid and watched the girls race to the medal podium.  While Jordan was hiding and watching she looked very up to no good.

Lauren’s new perfume starts making her dizzy/ sick, so she told her dad to change the formula because she can’t put her name on something that makes her sick.  She then read Payson’s letter from Max and found out something shocking.  The next day she gave the letter to Payson.

Lauren got dizzy during practice, the coach sent her to the nutritionist.  Twist the coach and the nutritionist have a thing going on.  Wait for it, he is married to her!

The girls went to a party together only to end up apart.  Lauren was plotting with some fellow camps, Kaylie was with Austin, although she has a wandering eye and Payson blew off guys to read her letter from Max that had some shocking news.  This of course, ruined her one-on-one time with the coach.  Lauren confesses to Kaylie about reading the letter and revealed that Max broke up with Payson.

Jordan popped up out of nowhere to do Payson’s move but the coach shut it down.  I think I like him.

Back at the dorm, Austin revealed that Max was bisexual.  Max kissed everybody!  While the girls tried to come together by doing a prank, Lauren passed out on the roof of a building and then recovered without telling the girls what happened.

Coach finally watched Jordan’s video she made doing the routines and decides to let her train.  He then called the Rock Girls together.  He gave a speech about gymnastics being a team and individual sports.  Way to go snitch Jordan told him about their hunt.  He then made them burn their Rock jackets. Aww, new beginnings!

Random Thoughts:

  • So many new guys!
  • Jordan has a creepy connection with a bunny!

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