Hello, friends!  It has been a while since I posted on what I have been watching from Netflix, so let’s catch up.  This is going to be a long list of options for you!

The only thing that I have really watched on Instant was From Prada to Nada.  This is a modern “Latin” take of Sense and Sensibility.  It was a cute story and it is nice to see Alexa Vega in something that is not on Lifetime!

As for the DVD’s here are my thoughts:

Post Grad– I couldn’t believe this snuck up so high on my list.  It was very predictable.  I didn’t LOL so I say pass!

Green Lantern– BORING!  I didn’t have any expectations for this film but wow, I couldn’t believe how much it sucked.  Skip it if you haven’t already waisted time in your life watching it.

Scream 4–  I am a fan of the Scream film franchise so I was excited and the movie did not disappoint.  Kudos to Emma Roberts for playing crazy to perfection.  Watch It!

Priest– This movie was weird but the vision of how the vampires looked was unexpected.  I say give it a shot.

Captain America– Go Team USA.  This was a great comic action hero film.  I am so ready for The Avengers!

Warrior– I think I fell asleep.  This movie just wasn’t what I thought it would be and it was long.  Skip It!

The Smurfs– I was nervous for this film being a child of the 80’s but I really, really enjoyed this version of a classic.  Watch It!

Super 8– I heard if you liked ET you would like this because it was similar.  I didn’t get that from this film.  The alien is no ET except for wanting to go home.  I did enjoy it though.  I really enjoyed Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney in the film.  Yay young actors!  Watch It!

Zookeeper– This was a cute kids movie if they like talking animals.  Plus for the ladies Donnie Wahlberg plays the bad zookeeper!  Give it a try.

Cowboys & Aliens– I was excited for this movie and then I watched it.  I think I fell asleep twice (could have been do to a cold I have).  The lamest part of this film is Oliva Wilde’s character is an alien and her reborn alien body is still Olivia Wilde’s human body.  Watch at your own risk!  Oh! Wait!  Daniel Craig looks awesome as a 1800’s cowboy so that helps!


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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