Let me start by saying that I feel shame for being able to write a post about this so called film!

This is a documentary style film about a daughter Isabella Rossi (Andrade) trying to help her mother Maria (Crowly) who is in a hospital in Italy.  With the help of two priest, Rawlings and Keane they set out to do unauthorized exorcisms.  Little did they know that the church was right to leave Maria alone.  She had the beast in her about four demons.  During the process they jump out and into one of the priest, Isabella and the camera man (Grama).  In the end we don’t know what happened.

Okay, worst movie ever to start out 2012!  The ending was lame.  Me and my cousin saw a preview of this and when the whole theater goes what?!? at the end you know it is bad.  Don’t waste your energy even contmeplating this film 0/5 stars!


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