Poor Juicy Boy.  If you watched last nights Son’s then you know the reason for that sentence, if you didn’t then stop reading now cause this will get spoilery.

Everything is starting to come full circle with this episode.  After an attack on the Mayan drug house, a botched revenge run on said attackers, and a death threat in Tara’s car; Bobby has finally had enough.  He has been sitting back since season 1 seeing the club he loved slowly fall apart, but after the deal with the cartel it has been obvious Bobby was just biding his time to make his move.  He did that tonight by calling an Officer Challenge on Clay’s presidency.  Basically, Bobby said you’re fucking over my club and i’ve had enough.  Clay calls for the vote as soon as Juice can be brought back from the warehouse and proxy’s for missing members can arrive.

Unfortunately, the hunt for Juice stalled the vote so we didn’t get to see it last night, but we did get to see Juice take what (he thought) was his only escape.  Lincoln convinces Roosevelt to set Juice up.  Roosevelt has Juice bring him a sample of the drugs, however when Juice hands them over Roosevelt arrests him for posession.  It doesn’t take Juice long to catch on that his only options are to rat out his club and be killed, refuse to talk and go to jail and be killed, or take matters into his own hands and just end it.  Juice is already carrying heavy guilt for killing Miles and betraying the club, this arrest was the last straw.  At the end of tonights episode, while everyone is calling him and Chibs is on his way to find him in person, Juice hangs himself from a tree with a chain from the tow truck.  We don’t actually see that he is dead, and there are some tell tell signs that he may not be as we fade to black, namely a tree limb snapping.

Now if he is alive, that begs the question of what the hell is he going to do?  He still can’t tell the club what is going on because he is too far in, his only out may be to cooperate with Lincoln or to kill Lincoln.  My money, if Juice does live, is a plot to take out Lincoln.  Things will definately get interesting either way.  If Juice is dead I can guarantee the club won’t think its a suicide.

Meanwhile, Tara continues being the dumbest old lady in the history of biker gangs.  Tonight she found out that the club is working with the cartel.  She seems shocked and digusted.  Its funny cause you know she had to wonder where that big ole wad of money came from a few weeks back.  But thats our Tara, living her life with blinders on until its time to get self righteous.  Although, I will say Gemma seems to have hers on too, because she has yet to wonder if Clay had something to do with the death threat.  It would be my first thought since Gemma knows him so well.

What did you all think?  Was this best Son’s episode this season?  Was seeing Piney with his loaded guns in the cabin the woods not one of the most badass images on television?


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