Another interesting episode of House last night.  It will be on a one week hiatus and then a very special Halloween episode on the 31st.

This episode House hounded Thirteen until she came back because he “wants to get the old band together.”  She didn’t want to come back she is in love ( with a woman this time) and just wants to have fun.  House has also recruited prison doctor Adams to his team.  She was a sort of odd pick, who wanted to see how far she could push Park.  Park does not accept charity but when Adams paid to get her car fixed she gave up.  We later saw that Adams actually paid to get House’s car fixed.  Well played!

The case was an altruistic man with money (Miller).  Benjamin even wanted to give his kidney to one of Wilson’s patients but he was so ill he was unable to do so.  Thirteen went “undercover” and asked if she could have a kidney and the man was willing to give both.  He had total disregard for hisself and his wife and kids.  This is why his wife left him.  She wanted her kids and herself to be more important than others.

In the end House figured out how to cure his Plummer’s disease but Wilson’s patient did not make it.


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