Now it’s starting to get real!  “With an X” was just backstabbing and murder all around.  Clay was in charge of the backstabbing when he started the plot to have Tara killed.  Unser knows what he is up to and is going to try his best to save Tara.  He tries by telling Roosevelt that she is in danger, but Roosevelt wants names and Unser can’t give those, so he goes for the next best thing: an anonymous threat in Tara’s car.  This should be interesting, cause once Jax gets wind of that note all hell will break loose and he will demand the clubs protection.  Now keeping in mind that Tara is a bit of a moron, she will probably not tell Jax right away, but will definately tell Gemma.  This is where things will get intersting cause Gemma will know its Clay and will have to figure out how to stop him without tipping off Jax who will kill him.

On the murdering side of things we have Juice (or Juicy Boy as the club seems to have taken to calling him) who is about to busted for taking the drugs.  As the club does some intense interogation on the newest members, Juice has a little heart to heart with Chibs about the whole “black” thing.  Of course Juice does not reveal his secret, but Chibs has heard enough to be suspicious.  His suspicion only grows after Juice blows a hole in Mile’s head.  Miles caught Juice trying to move the stolen drugs from the woods back to the shed, when he confronts him Juice panicks and gets shot.  Juice manages to pull his gun and kill Miles and pin the whole drug theft on him.  Everyone is suspicious, but no one more than Chibs, this should be fun.

Then on a lighter note we got to meet Tig’s crazy kid (or as Jax implied one of many crazy kids).  She just popped by to get 12k from dear old dad.  It didn’t add anything to the ongoing story but it was fun to see a side to Tig that is not all rape and murdery.

So what did you all think?  This whole Tara thing will blow up in Clays face, but how long do you think that will take?

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