Now information is slowly starting to come out.  We learn tonight that Clay did kill John Teller, that Gemma and Unser knew he did it, and that Piney knows what happened.  What wasn’t made clear was what actually happened, Unser lets us know that he covered up the murder because he thought Clay did it for good reasons, but the notes from John paint a very different picture.  Unser is not pleased but Clay doesn’t look like he is going to just give us the answer.  So far all Clay and Gemma have are copies of the original letters so somewhere out there are the real letters, plus Piney’s “contingency plans” that are floating out there pending his untimely death.  Piney’s knowledge is also playing into forcing Clay to drop the drug business.

Roosevelt and Lincoln are continuing to make their move with Juice.  Tonight they used the information about his father to get him to steal some drugs.  I know that we have seen Jax play this game were he was an “informant” who was really double crossing Stahl, but I don’t think Juice is doing that.  I’m still not buying that his dad being black will be a big deal in the grand scheme of SAMCRO problems, but i’ll suspend disbelief and what for more answers.

The other shoe also finally dropped on Luann’s murder (which seems to have been forgotten since season 2) when Otto lets Gemma know Lincoln told him about Bobby sleeping with Luann.  He wants to know if that is true and if Bobby killed her.  Jax and the club decide that Georgie did the killing (although no proof is found) and are going to kill him until they realize his Asian contacts can be useful in stoping Hale’s land grab.  Bobby visits Otto and lets him know he was sleeping with Luann and didn’t kill her.  Then he drops the big lie that the club found out Georgie did it and took him out, I think that will come back to bite him soon.

Another good episode, what did you all think?


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