So this episode was about Trust, hence the title, I guess there will be a theme here.  Amanda/ Emily’s dad trusted the wrong person.  His best friend and Amanda’s “uncle” Bill Harmon (Glave).  Bill knew about Victoria and David’s affair behind Conrad’s back.  David knew that he could possibly ruin their relationship but he did not know that he was the co-conspirator in his families ruin.

During this episode Emily got closer with Daniel.  Nolan was able to buy Jack as a friend.  He didn’t really want his boat he wanted someone to hang out with so Jack is to attend parties and be the captain of the ship.  Nolan also helped Emily out by outbidding Victoria for the beach house Emily is renting.  Nolan really wants to help her with her plan because of the faith and trust her dad had in him.  Victoria is still on the hunt for some dirt on Emily.  Her private investigator found out that Emily and Lydia’s husband were on the same board.  They think that he and Emily may of had an affair due to a rumor.  This is interesting because poor Lydia Davis get’s nothing in her divorce due to Emily’s photos leaking out of Lydia and Conrad having a tryst.

Back to Bill Harmon, Emily “met” him at a polo match and got him interested in investing her money.  Emily mislead him to think that Nolan’s company was going to invest in another company.  Bill took this information and had his partners buy up all the shares.  Nolan then announced that due to a leak he was not buying and so Bill’s investors lost Billions of Dollars!  Way to lead a man to financial ruin Emily!

For the not so glamorous Hamptonites the Porter family is having  a rough go at it.  Declan is the biggest idiot ever.  He invited Charlotte to a boat ride and she showed up with all her “friends.”  They took some liquor but found the boat was gone (Jake and Nolan were out).  So they ditched Declan and took the booze.  Declan finally found out about the boat being sold and the trouble his family was in.  Carl (Goodman) was not happy to hear that Jake sold the boat because  he “is the captain of the family.”  Later on Declan was at it again.  He texted Charlotte that he had the restaurant to himself and it was intercepted by her boyfriend.  So the rich boys came to the restaurant and beat up Declan.  Once Carl came down to see what was going on Declan freaked out on him and ran upstairs.  All of the sudden Carl is having a heart-attack!  This made me so mad!  Declan could have helped his dad if he wasn’t being such a baby.

As Daniel was walking Emily home from their date they walk into a surprise welcome home party.  Emily wasn’t thrilled but she did get to see Jack so they could have an awkward moment.

Jack left the party early to go home and find his father laying in the floor not breathing.  He screams for Declan who comes running down like what happened.

Interesting episode.  Emily’s revenge rages on!

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