Another solid episode of Sons last night.  Not a whole lot of progress, but we did the opportunity to meet Tuscon charter of the Sons, who just happen to be dealing meth.  Clay is not pleased with this (can you say irony) and he and Jax set out to shut it down.  After some digging they find out that the VP and another member of the Tuscon chapter were selling the meth long before a vote was taken.  They wanted to keep selling so bad that they killed a member and forced another to give up his membership.  After revealing all this Clay is shocked when the Tuscon chapter votes to keep dealing anyway.  Turns out the money is too good to give up (I do believe this has been Bobby’s fear this whole time).

Meanwhile, back in Charming, Gemma is busy getting friendly with Roosevelt’s wife.  Turns out she is trying to save a garden that Gemma happens to love, she is also well aware of who Gemma is and is not intimidated.  Its always fun to see Gemma come up against some tough women.  Lincoln also spends a little quality time with Gemma and lets it slip (under a false name of course) that if this garden thing gets going and it runs out the statute of limitations on Hale’s land grab Hale could be stopped.  Gemma is all for that and ropes Tara into being a gold circle member of the save the garden group.

Piney is up to something too as he has been meeting with Tara, supposedly for health reasons.  However, when they are alone he starts talking about John Teller and you can tell this will be Tara’s source of information on what really happened.  It was fun to see Piney and Tara together as they rarely share the same scene.

On a note from last week, Kurt Sutter posted this blog post addressing the whole issue of why Juice being half black would matter.  Check it out and let me know what you thought of last nights episode.

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