This was an interesting season finale.  Not as good as last year but well worth he watch.

Jane and Kim

Jane and Kim represented a death row inmate whose final wish was to donate his heart to his terminally ill sister.  In the end they won and the sister (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) was on the road to recovery post surgery.

Grayson and Stacy

Grayson represented Stacy and was able to get the DA to agree to his misdemeanor charges and let Stacy go.  This all after retrying a case were Stacy took the wrap for Deb.

Fred and Terri

Terri kept pushing Fred to hold his ground and not get back with Stacy.  In doing this Fred overheard Stacy telling Terri that she loved him and wanted to be back with him.

Parker and Elisa

Parker finally found out that he had a son.  Of course his reaction was not the best and he ended up being the man she was afraid he was.  A douche!

Now to the interesting stuff.  Parker made Kim a partner and told her that he was on his way to Chicago to try to find Elisa and his son and make things right.  Kim gave him a hug, aww.  Owen invited Jane twice to go with him to New Zealand.  Both times Jane said no because she has people who depend on her.  Grayson kissed Stacy because she reminded him of Deb.  This caused Stacy to spill the beans about Jane!  It was a little too late because Jane saw the kiss and ran off.  Jane headed to the airport, she met with Owen and I thought she was going to New Zealand but Jane told him how he inspired her and she was going to Milan!  On the way to the gate she ran into Fred and told him she was doing this alone.  Fred was relived because he was planning on asking Stacy to marry him.  Debbie Downer Jane crushed his heart when she told him about the kiss.  As Jane sat on the plane a familiar voice asked to sit next to her… it was Owen!  During all of this action we see Grayson race to the airport and try to get on the plane.  It was too little, too late.  I can’t wait to see where we pick up next season.  Will it be a year later?  Who knows!


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