Jane Timoney (Maria Bello) is the new kid on the block at the NY Homicide Squad.  She is being overlooked for cases, mocked, and just generally treated unfairly for being a woman.  This is the most annoying plot line of Prime Suspect.  I understand wanting to convey that Jane has to be tough to get by, but seriously, this is the most blatant sexism i’ve seen portrayed on TV for a while and it just did not play well.  It came across as forced and unncecessary to the plot.  I’m hoping that the next episodes will tone that down and make it less important to the plot.

Now, the rest of Prime Suspect is fun.  Maria Bello pulls off the badass woman struggling to make a name for herself but also maintain her life.  Her personal life adds a nice dose of realism and balance to her cop world.  It is always fun for me to see Kenny Johnson working as he is one of my favorite actors from The Shield.  He plays Matt Webb, Bello’s boyfriend, and works well as the calm to Bello’s crazy.  There relationship is clearly reliant on that balance as we see when Webb’s ex-wife/girlfriend attempts to play hardball in keeping him from seeing his son.  Webb’s nicey-nice approach is not working so leave it to Bello to flash some weapons, run a couple background checks, and set a visiting schedule that everyone can live with.  It may not always be realistic but it was fun to watch.

Prime Suspect has a lot of potential, but it also runs very close to the edge of being too predictable.  Besides the obvious sexist cop plot, at the end when Bello’s is about ot catch her first big bad guy, I knew that she was going to also make her first big mistake.  Bello’s lines her cops up in front of a house to take down a killer and my immediate thought was “I bet she’s at the wrong house”, and sure enough she is.  Granted this got to show Bello’s take control and run down the bad guy in the streets, but to me it just begs the question of why she wouldn’t double check her addresss?  But this is really a minor concern, I watch a lot of shows were I can guess were the plot is headed in the first 5 minutes, but what keeps me coming back is the cast and their interaction.  So far I’m liking what i’m seeing on Prime Suspect and I will be back for more next week.

What did you all think?  Those of you who liked the original, is it even worth comparing or are you willing to just accept this as “next generation” instead of remake?


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