Tonight’s episode of Sons was filled with a lot of intrigue, backstabbing, lies, and a guy getting eaten alive by ants.  So all in all a pretty normal day in Charming.  Clay and Jax know that without Bobby and Opie they just don’t got the votes to pull off this drug mule thing.  So, Clay decides to take Bobby out and convince him to vote yes.  He tells Bobby that both he and Jax want out and the money to do that is going to come from drug smuggling.  He even promises Bobby the presidency when he leaves, Bobby is still skeptical and when he sees Clay back-stab the Indian Chief on the price of bullets and kill the Russian dude getting ate alive by ants (just to tie up loose ends) he knows that Clays word ain’t worth much anymore.  Bobby plays along for the day but when vote time comes he still votes no.

Meanwhile, Jax is working on Opie who is also not an easy man to convince.  But after playing along with Opie’s fantasy that once Clay leaves he and Jax will run the club Opie seems on board.  He gets fully on board when he sees Jax deal with some kids that stole their guns and the local king pen that bought them back.  Because Jax handled it calmly, but still badass, Opie knows he can back him and votes yes.

Now that leaves a swing vote out there, but after losing the guns Kozik is safely in Jax’s pocket and he throws out his yes vote.  Piney is also out there, clearly he is going to vote no, but when Clay catches him trying to undermine the vote by telling Gemma whats happening he shuts that shit down quick.  Clay gets violent with Gemma and tells her to mind her own business, and then tells Piney that if he goes to Gemma again for help he will slit his throat.  So, Jax and Clay got their yes vote, but what are the implications of that?  As the crew leaves we can see that no one is happy with how things went down.  I don’t think Bobby is one to stand idly by and let things just fall apart.  Plus he knows that there is something going on in Jax’s head that just ain’t right, cause he knew the Jax from 2 seasons ago who was ready to overthrow Clay.

In the world of police business, Juice is getting hauled in by Roosevelt for a little chat.  Roosevelt and Potter know who Juices daddy is and want to let Juice know they know.  Now I thought it was going to be something really intriguing, but it just turns out his dad is black.  I’m not really sure if SAMCRO will kick him out of the club when they find that out but Roosevelt sure convinces him they will.  Juice is already half Puerto Rican, so I don’t know why being half black would matter, but then again I am not the President.  I think in reality, Potter and Roosevelt know it doesn’t matter either, but just need Juice to help them out.  Who knows if he will crack, I doubt it, but you never know.

So what did you all think?  Is Jax ever going to get out?  Does Tara really know anything about John Teller’s death?  How can they use the fact that Roosevelt and his wife are having trouble conceiving against him?


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Jax can never leave the only life he knows. He talks about it but I don’t see it happening. Tara makes everything sooo dramatic. If she knows something about John’s death she better tell Jax before it all blows up in her face. I am not a fan of Roosevelt. I am sure Unser will give the baby making issues information to SAMCRO and they will use it to get out of a sitaution. Maybe they will steal him a baby. Juice is an idiot. I hope he doesn’t fall for the pressure and give up information on SAMCRO to save face. He may be half Purero Rican but SAMCRO draws the line at “ghetto babies.” (Term used last night when the guns were stolen).

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