It has been a while since I have watched DDD but I was able to catch it last night.  If you are like me and need to catch up on a few missed episodes check out the website for full episodes and general DDD information.

Jane’s Case

A third- year law student, played by Blind Side’s Quinton Aaron, hires Jane to represent his fiancée.  She was trampled during a dress sell at a place called Conner’s.  The boutique and media made her out to look like a bridezilla who started a fight over a dress.  With the help of Jane and Teri’s reenactment of what really happened.  Jane got the couple a six figure settlement that would pay for medical bills and the last year of law school for her clients.  Way to go Jane!


Stacy is now a big star with a big head.  Do to her Diviaism, Jane has an intervention planned.  Of course this didn’t work.  In the end Stacy isolated herself from her friends and when she was in need there was no one there to help her.  Stacy ended the episode in jail due to assaulting a real star!

Grayson and Kim’s Case

Grayson had an interesting case that had to go by 12th Century Law!  He was representing Guinevere against her brother Lance as to what to do with their deceased fathers Medieval Times business.  After a duel Guinevere won the right to keep the business as her father saw fit!

Parker and Elisa

Parker gave Elisa a temp position with the firm which didn’t sit to well with Kim.  As a way to test Parker, Kim gave Elisa a ton of busy work with a deadline.  This caused Elisa to work late nights and not be with her son.  Jane tried to convince Elisa to tell Parker about their child but Elisa didn’t “feel ready.”  As Parker and Kim where out for dinner she told him of her plan to see if he still had feelings for Elisa, which he does.  Parker went back to the office with dinner for Elisa and the two ended up kissing.

Don’t miss next week for the season finale.  Will Jane’s truth come out to Grayson?  Will Parker find out about Elisa’s son?  Will Fred and Stacy get back together?  Who knows!

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