This was a good pilot and the show has lots of potential.  It was exactly how I picture life to be for my cool married friends who have their first child!

The story follows Reagan (Applegate) and Chris (Arnett) as they go from party animals to parents.  If this show was on basic cable the scene with them cussing about how great their baby is would have been 10 times more funny but you can use your imagination about what was beeped out. Reagan eventually goes back to work while Chris is a stay at home dad.  In the first episode Reagan stands up for boundaries for work and home.  Her boss Ava (Rudolph) was happy to have her back but did not recognize the fact that Reagan’s life has changed do to her baby.  That meant it wouldn’t be 100% Ava.  Who is Ava?  Ava is Maya’s Rudolph’s impersonation of Oprah if you ask me.  I am not sure if I can take 30 minutes of that but she is in the show just enough not to annoy.  We also see Reagan and Chris celebrate their anniversary.  At first, plans were canceled due to Reagan’s work but when she got home there was still time to call the babysitter.  The couple went out on the town and debated rather to call it an early night or not.  They chose to stay up all night.  Greatest part ever was when they sung Rocky Top Tennessee at a karaoke bar!  The couple pays for it in the end when the baby wakes up crying early in the morning.

Kudos to Will Arnett let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is the show that makes it.


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