The 10pm time slot has not worked well for me so far but here is what I remember from last nights Parenthood.  We have apparently done a time leap because Amber has graduated and Kristina is ready to have the baby at any second.

Adam and Kristina

Adam has spent this whole time looking for a job.  We even get a montage of him killing time throughout the day.  He finally got a call back for an interview.  It was a lower status job and less pay but it was a job.  Kristina’s job offered her a full-time position.  That’s awesome considering she is about to drop the baby any moment!  Adam took away the glory by having a pity party because he is the provider of the family.  In the end he tells her he is okay with it and he is excited about the baby.

Crosby, Jasmine and Jabbar

They are dealing with their “joint custody” and Crosby is back in the player dating game.  One fling in particular with a waitress causes her to come by the house because he hasn’t called.  Crosby and Jabbar are outside playing and this makes her want Crosby more.  She introduced herself to Jabbar as “his dad’s special friend.”  Will she be a new character?  Who knows.  He also tries to get Adam to go in on a business deal to reopen an old recording studio.  Adam actually considers doing this venture with Crosby.  The title of the episode is exactly what Crosby tells Adam when they visit the wasteland looking studio.


She spent most of the episode harassing the coffee girl because she is pregnant and Julia “wants to buy her baby!”  The whole episode she was on a crazy baby kick.

Haddie, Max and Alex

Max in highschool, Haddie in her senior year and Alex is still around even though he is starting college.  The storyline takes a dark turn when Haddie wanted to go to a party and Max and Alex didn’t.  Alex agreed to pick her up from the party but when he got there she was drunk and then of course there is an altercation where he punched one of the guys there.  Alex ended up calling Julia to get bailed out of jail.  Julia informed him that the family wanted to press charges but it would be okay because it was his first charge.  Oh no Julia, this would not be his first charge.  He begged her not to tell Haddie.

Sarah and Amber

Amber has moved into an apartment with no amenities.  This freaks Sarah out or maybe because she turned 40 and her firstborn has finished high school.  Cyr (Ritter) was there to comfort her along with her mother.

It wasn’t the best season opener but the potential for a solid season is there.

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