Ringer is a show with a lot of issues.  The main being that we have a group of talented actors cast in a subpar show.  Sarah Michelle Gellar is her usual SMG self and that is not necessarily a good thing.  If you were a fan of her in Buffy (and lets face it, who wasn’t) then you know her strengths, being quippy and strong emotions; you also know her weaknesses–pretty much anything outside of that.  Ringer brings to mind a very paticular episode of Buffy, that I hated, where she switched bodies with Faith and had to protray Faith’s personality.  This did not go well, because SMG can only be SMG and nothing more.

In Ringer SMG plays 6 month sober Bridget who has a messy past and an police handler trying to keep her under control so she can testify in a major murder case.  Somewhere along the way she decides to go visit her identical twin sister Siobhan (also SMG) who leads what appears to be a perfect life, happy marriage, successful husband, plenty of money, a beautiful home, and a boat!  It is on said boat that Bridget and Siobhan go to rebond as sisters.  Now, conviently enough, Siobhan has not mentioned to ANYONE in her life that she has a twin.  This apparently is the result of some falling out over someone in Siobhan’s life named Zack (who seems to be her son).  So when Siobhan falls and/or jumps overboard and disappears Bridget does the only logical thing and assumes her life.  Just a quick note on this boat trip, prepare to see some of the worst CGI/green screen work ever.  Seriously, I don’t know what pool they shot that scene in but it is just horrendous and distracting.

So, back to Bridget, now that she has assumed her sisters life Bridget quickly learns that no ones life is perfect.  Siobhan has a disinterested husband, a lover on the side. and a bratty step daughter.  She figures all of this out through a series of random events were no one seems to catch on that Bridget is not Siobhan.  Add to this a very helpful friend who just happens to call Bridget on her first day as Siobhan to remind her that she keeps everything in an orange day planner!  This eliminates all those awkward moments when Bridget just can’t remember where she is supposed to be!  And lets not forget the twist—Siobhan was pregnant!  As SMG says to her reflection in the mirror (she spends a lot of time with mirrors) “Siobhan, what have you done?”.  Really, what the hell has she done, if anyone can explain it to me I would appreciate it!

I will posit this theory, and maybe check in at the end of the show to see if i’m right, Siobhan is pregnant, with somebodies baby (not the lover and not her husband) who is either 1) bad and had her killed, or Siobhan faked her death to escape or 2) so awesome and powerful that the only way Siobhan could be with him was to appear dead!  Feel free to share your theories as well!

That just leaves us with Bridget’s police handler trying to track her down, Siobhans friends and family trying to figure out why she is acting just slightly different, with the mystery of whether Siobhan is really dead or did she just disappear, and how Bridget is going to become 4 weeks pregnant in a just a few days.  And that leaves me not really caring, I may tune in next week just to see if anything improves, but I won’t be blogging on this show again unless it just makes a giant leap in quality.  I am glad to see SMG working again, but this is just not the right vehicle for her.


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