New Girl does not technically air until September 20th at 9 pm on Fox, but right now you can catch an early viewing of the pilot on Hulu.  Before we get to far into the pilot let me forewarn you that Damon Wayans Jr. character has been recast.  Wayans was al ready committed to Happy Endings over on ABC and existing shows take priorty over picked up pilots.  Lamorne Morris has taken over his spot in the show as a completely new character, so just keep that in mind as you watch the pilot.

Now, speaking directly about the pilot, I can say that it was funny.  A little too predictable for my tastes, but funny none the less.  New Girl stars Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, and (i’m assuming) Lamorne Morris as roommates.  Johnson and Greenfield meet Deschanel after she is dumped by her boyfriend and needs a new place to live.  In the pilot we get to see the guys struggling to understand this odd girl who sings randomly and busts out embarassing dance moves.  But, as expected, her quirkiness only makes her more loveable and when she is stood up at the end of the episode all the guys rush to her aid, you know, cause they love her that much.

The plot it painfully predictable and you can probably figure out what is going to happen in the first 10 minutes, but the actors really bring the show to life and make it enjoyable despite its predictability.  Deschanel is adorable, but who would have expected less.  Greenfield plays douchebaggery perfectly and it is nice to see him working on TV again (for those who loved him in Veronica Mars, he is still just as handsome).  Johnson appears to be the straightman in this mix who is definately the more “normal” member of the group.  I’m already getting relationship vibes between him and Deschanel.  I am not oppposed to this, but I do oppose it if we are going to spend several seasons of will they/won’t they.  Wayans was hilarious in his role as Coach and I think casting Morris as a completly different character was a good move.  He would have struggled to fill Wayan’s shoes.

Overall, New Girl is predictable but fun.  I will not be blogging it weekly, but I probably will be watching weekly.  If a particular episode deserves coverage I will post on it, or if Morris just completely destroys the show I will be back.  But, otherwise this will be my only post on New Girl.  Check it out, its worth at least a viewing of the pilot and the second episode.


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