This episode starts with Jane and Stacy talking about Jane’s neurosurgeon boyfriend.  Stacy was going to a highschool to speak to the fashion club.  Hank, one of the bailiff’s got some advice from Terri to seek help from Grayson on his divorce to his mail order bride.  Kim offered to help.

Meanwhile, Stacy comes back with two female students, Nina and Julia.  They are unable to go to the prom because they are same-sex couple.  Jane is on the case!  If Julia looks familiar that is because she is our very own Josie Loren from the show Make It or Break It.

While Stacy and Fred were at a coffee House Fred got a job as an actor by Lance Bass!  Well, Lance playing  a character.

Dr. Kendal a.k.a Jane’s boyfriend is actually a playboy.  Jane learned this by answering his phone and found out that he didn’t think they were exclusive.  Later on, Jane, Stacy and Julia went to the school met with the principal.  In the end Jane took them to court!  Who is playing the judge?  Wanda Sykes!   The judge ruled in their favor but the school cancelled prom.  Parker joined the case due to the media coverage.  In the end the case was dropped for discrimination but the judge would here it a month later for discrimination.  This didn’t help Julia and Nina due to not having a prom.

Grayson and Kim found another ex- husband, Mr. Callahan, that left the mail order bride and recived his ring back.  The previous love was played by Clay Aiken!  It turned out that Mr. Callahan and Irina (the mail order bride) ran a scam on Hank to get money.  Kim tried to get Grayson to come out with his feelings towards Vanessa which turned out to be a kiss.

Jane paid for Julia and Nina to have their own prom and invited their entire senior class to come.  She also invited her “boyfriend” and when he showed up she told him how she really felt about him seeing other people.  So she broke up with him at prom.  Moments later the rest of Julia and Nina’s class showed up for the “Better Prom.”


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