Jane went to go pick up Vanessa and Grayson’s wedding rings, when she was held up by gun point and robbed.  The robber didn’t get far because the police came and arrested him.  Too bad they took the rings for evidence!  Parker enlisted Grayson to help his friend who received a citation for his camel.

Thanks to the Judge, Jane had to represent the guy who robbed her in order to speed up the process.  For some reason Keith felt sorry and wanted to plead guilty.  His wife came in and informed Jane that it was his 3rd strike and he would get the minimum of 25 years.

Parker’s friend was not arrested for the camel but for illegally selling camel milk?  Back to Jane’s case, she tries to get the real story on Keith whose priors were writing bad checks to get his sick mother’s medicine.  He finally told her that he was sick and he can’t afford treatment for Hep B.  This is why he wants to get back to jail.  Jane enlists the help of  Kim to go after the jail for Keith’s Hep B that came from becoming ill in the jail.

During the camel milk trial, Parker brought in a sample and made Parker drink it hours before his wedding.  Before the judge hit her gavel, Parker pulled out a camel milk chocolate bar from Dubai that he bought at the local health food store.  The judge had the camel released to Mr. Lambert.  He could not sell his camel milk until the USDA approved and she gave them 6 months!

Kim and Jane finally connected the dots on the prison and set up Vitacon through recording a bribe to keep quiet.  Charges were made and Jane received the rings.

During all of this Teri has been pressuring Grayson and Vanessa to take her dance lessons for the choreographed intro of their wedding she has planned!

We finally get to the wedding and Vanessa can’t go through the wedding.  She expressed to Jane that it looked so natural when Jane and Grayson were dancing together.  When she is with him she has to try.  Vanessa feels that she deserves more and so does she.  Vanessa then left without even telling Grayson, leaving Jane to tell the bad news.  Stacy and Fred must have been right about the poem.  The reception went own with food and drinks that were paid for.

Jane went to find Grayson at the bar and took him to the room because he was drunk.  As Jane gave good advice a passed out Grayson wrapped around her and she “couldn’t” get up.


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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