X-Men: First Class takes us back, all the way back to 1944, to when Erik Lensherr aka Magneto (Fassbender) is a young man in a concentration camp fighting for his life and Charles Xavier aka Professor X (McAvoy) is living in England with his mind reading powers and taking in wayward mutants.  Fast forward to the 60’s and Erik is seeking revenge on Sebastian Shaw (Bacon) for killing his mother and manipulating his emotions to bring his powers out.  Charles Xavier is finishing up his doctorate on genetics and hanging around with his adopted sister Raven aka Mystique.  Xavier decides to help out government agent Moira MacTaggert in tracking down Shaw and during this manhunt meets Erik.

Erik and Xavier join up with the government to help track down mutants and bring them into a facility for safety.  We see a lot of our favorites (including Storm and Wolverine) in passing, but the ones that play main roles are Darwin, Banshee, Beast, Havoc and Angel.  On the bad side of things with Shaw we get to see Emma Frost, Riptide, and Azazel.  Shaw is on a mission to start World War III because he feels nuclear war will kill the humans and empower the mutants.   Xavier, Erik and their crew set out to stop Shaw.  Despite their assistance the government turns against them and it becomes painfully clear why Magneto has been “evil” all of these years.

Sunshine’s Thoughts: I really liked X-Men First Class, it may be my favorite of all the X-Men movies.  I was extremely distracted by Kevin Bacon as Sebastion Shaw, not because of poor acting, but because I just could not get over the fact that it was Kevin Bacon.   It also did not help seeing him wear the Magneto helmet simply because I am so used to Magneto actually wearing it.  Shaw was an excellent villian though and fun to watch.  This movie also turned me to the darkside.  I have always been on the side of the X-Men and a fan of Beast and Wolverine, but after seeing Magneto’s origin story I have to say I sympathize with him so much more and think he may have been in the right all these years!  Great movie and a definate must see in your summer movie viewing.  I give X-Men: First Class 5 out of 5 mutations.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:

I love, love, love this movie!  It is not just a great comic book movie it is a great movie in general.  This can be watched over and over again and you would find stuff you didn’t see the first time!  I have to agree with Sunshine that First Class made me feel like I should be team Magneto.  I have never felt that way before and it wasn’t just because Michael Fassbender looks amazing.  James McAvoy played Professor X to the T, it was brilliant!  The effects were great, the acting was great, all of the “mutants” were great.  The cameo’s with Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Rebecca Romijn(plays older Mystic in first films) were perfectly placed and did not take away from the movies key characters!  The Kevin Bacon effect only helped this movie.  He is great as a crazy big bad!  He made Erik into the Magneto we all know.  Shout out to Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s daughter Zoe.  She did good as someone evil who I didn’t like in the movie.  January Jones had me concered but played Emma Frost to perfection.  The only sad moment was for Gathegi’s character, Darwin, you know Twilight Alum but the movie keeps you from dwelling on what happens for too long.  That being said… GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! 5/5 mutations


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