The guys are at it again in the sequel The Hangover II.  Phil (Cooper), Alan (Galifianakis) and Doug (Bartha) travel 16 hours to Thailand for Alan’s (Helms) wedding to the beautiful Lauren (Chung).  All Alan wanted to do was to have a nice brunch at IHOP, to avoid the trouble of a bachelor party.  With that in mind once the gang got to the resort they had one sealed beer at a bonfire two days before the wedding.  New to the group was Lauren’s sixteen year old genius brother Teddy (Lee).

Phil woke up to find Alan and Stu in some seedy hotel in Thailand.  The guys find Mr. Chow, who Alan invited as his plus one and Teddy’s finger.  Viewers then go on another wild and crazy journey to find Teddy and figure out what happened the night before.  Here is a hint.  Alan drugged the marshmallows at the bonfire.  Doug was not with them because he didn’t feel well so he was nice, clean and safe with his wife.  How fortunate for him that he missed another adventure.

Teddy is found minus his finger due to the “wolf pack” giving it to a drug dealing monkey.  The wedding goes on without a hitch and Alan surprised the happy couple with a performance by Mike Tyson.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:

What the heck.  I think they should have lived off the glory of the first film and left this one alone.  It was a long 1 hour and 42 minutes of okay but not great footage.  Sure I laughed out loud with some parts but I still left the film thinking, what was the point of this?  I give this film 1 1/2  out of 5 I Heart Thailand hats.

Sunshine’s Thoughts:

This was the second disappointing sequel I saw this weekend (see our Pirate’s review to learn about the other).  Hangover II was esentially the Hangover only set in Thailand and having Teddy stand in as the missing Doug from the original.  There were a couple funny moments but when your rehashing jokes that were fresh and funny a few years ago they don’t really hit as hard.  Everything the original did that was fresh and funny the sequel tried to bring back, but it just didn’t work.  Even the photos at the end of the movie were not as shocking simply because we all knew they would push the envelope.  In the first movie it was a fun and digusting treat at the end, in this one it just seemed like another reason to show a penis.  This is another movie I recommend you pass on and save your money for a second viewing of Harry Potter.  I give this 2 out of 5 I Heart Thailand hats.

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