That’s right America you voted and he won!  Congratulations to Scotty McCreery the newest American Idol!!

I have been rooting for Scotty since the beginning he is the best Country Music Crooner I have heard on the show in a while.  Plus, everybody has to love a cowboy!  Lauren was a favorite of mine as well, but she is young she has plenty of opportunity to make it as well as the rest of the talented final 13.  Last night was one of the greats American Idol finales I have ever watched.  Well, granted I haven’t watched very many but this one had to have blown the rest out of the water.  Not because you didn’t know who would win but because of the following:

    • Lauren and Scotty were the youngest contestants on the show.
    • The judges really liked Pia, James and Casey.
    • Scotty holds the microphone in a weird way.
    • James performing with Judas Priest rocked!
    • Jacob plus Kirk Franklin plus Gladys Knight, can I get a what, what!
    • Haley and Tony Bennett.  To bad Haley can’t dance, which is obvious every time she tried last night.  Poor girl just doesn’t have rhythm.
    • Lady GaGa, now she can perform live.
    • Beyoncé got down to her hit Single Ladies.  She had more energy singing and dancing than the female contestants had dancing and singing backup!
    • Lil John came out to get the crowd hype, wait a minute it is TLC!  I loved the TLC performance.  RIP Left Eye!  They still place themselves on stage as if she was there.  Waterfalls had me dancing!
    • Scotty sung with Tim McGraw!  I almost forgot Scotty was there but they sung my jam, Live Like Your Dying.
    • J. Lo, got down on the stage dancing for her husband Marc Anthony!  Where was Jay Z Beyoncé?  Oh yeah, for you youngsters who don’t know,  Sheila E was on percussions and she was looking and sounding great! 
    • Tom Jones, enough said!
    • Lauren and Carrie Underwood singing Before He Cheates.  I have been waiting for Lauren to tackle this song all season.  This was a great way to have her perform it!
    • Beyonce performed her newest single.  Take that J.Lo, it wasn’t even on the radio yet.  Well, the local DJ here played it soon after the show.
    • Steven Tyler showed us why he was a star with his performance of Dream On.
    • Scotty and Lauren Kiss+ I love you baby= Romance?

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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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