Let’s dig in, it is a two hour season finale.

First Half

The girls are in Rio, the full tape finally got to the NGO and Payson’s family is really struggling. 

Summer and Kim were very upset when Marcus showed them the full tape of Payson and Sasha.  They even saw where the CD was sent from Boulder.  KP was struggling with rather or not to out Kaylie’s anorexia but her mother/manager has other plans.  She went to the now in hot water Ellen Beals to get an allie in her assault on Kaylie.

  Kaylie, got an offer for a healthy nutrition bar but didn’t feel right about doing it.  She offered it to Payson to help her parents out with money and told her she wouldn’t have to worry about college scholarships because she would have enough to pay for college.  Max and Kaylie then put together an amazing presentation to sell Payson for the sponsorship.  What good friends!  The only problem is Payson’s parents refused to let her jeopardize her NCAA scholarship for college.

Finally, Sasha challenged Summer’s engagement to Steve.  They almost kissed but she pulled away.

After a major guilt trip from her mom, KP finally gave up Kaylie’s journal for admitting she was anorexic.  She told her to go to the party, which Kaylie invited her to, and give the journal to Ellen Beals.

At the party Lauren tried to turn up the heat with Max.  Man she is so jealous of Payson.  Austin and Kaylie made a cute couple, Steve asked Summer to marry him in Rio and Steve and Kim talked with Kaylie’s dad about accepting the sponsorship.  They decided to go for it.  Payson was so excited that she told Max she loved him and that she wanted him to kiss her.  Being the lame guy that he is, he wouldn’t do it and he let her run out of the room thinking that he didn’t like her that way.

Ellen Beals had a little talk with Lauren informing her that she plans to exact her revenge on her due to Lauren sending in the full Sasha/Payson tape.  Steve being the Tanner that he is, announced the wedding plans and invited everyone after worlds.  Sasha just walked off.  Meanwhile, KP returned Kaylie’s journal because she learned that Kaylie really wanted to be her friend.  KP ruined it, Kaylie said she could never trust her and that she was a horribel human-being.

Austin found Max drinking scotch in the room that Payson left him in.  Then Max kissed him.  That was my only conclusion that he was gay.  But oh no, he is bisexual.  MIOBI has gone to the next level with their story.  Austin found this very hard to believe and could not understand. 

Ellen Beals had a little conversation with Summer telling her to ask Steve where the video came from.  Before Steve could answer, Lauren came out of nowhere and confessed.  Summer then said she wanted nothing to do with the Tanner’s ever again.  This is something Steve can’t fix.

2nd Half

Of course Max forgot his jacket and Lauren begged him to get her out of the house.  She didn’t want to have sex she just didn’t want to be alone.  While crying and driving Lauren and Max where in a car accident.  Lauren was okay but Max was not so lucky.  His collar-bone was broken.  Summer came to the hospital and told Lauren that she had till before worlds to tell Sasha the truth.  A nurse came out and said the Max was asking for the girl he was with.  Lauren went into his room and he said he would never hurt you, Payson!  The look on Lauren’s face was classic.  KP showed up and was shunned again by Kaylie.  Things are going to go back to all for yourself at worlds.

We finally make it to worlds in Rio, Finally!

The Keeler’s were approached by Stanford for a scholarship.  Kim totally freaked because she thinks the $25,000 sponsorship and now she couldn’t accept.  I need her to know that they may not get the scholarship offer.

Kaylie got very upset at Austin gor being Mr. Cobalt.  Austin spoke the truth because everyone doesn’t have money and she has been faking an ACL injury instead of telling the truth about her anorexia.  This will be extra hard considering Marcus banned Kaylie from talking to the press.


  • Lauren on the beam.  She was a little off.  Could it be the pressure from Summer and trying to still be a good gymnast for Sasha.  She mad a lot of small mistakes in her routine.
  • Kaylie on Vault.  She did a 1 instead of 2 and a half turn.  This cost her
  • Payson on the floor.  She wasn’t herself and had some missteps.
  • Kelly Parker on uneven bars.  Sasha gave the girls a “pep talk” and they cheered her on.  She kept U.S.A. in the competition. 

Sasha made the four of them talk about what is going on.  He refused to let them out of the room until they worked as a team.  This just led to the girls yelling over each other.  The girls finally got honest except for Kaylie.  That is because of the NGO.  The girls supported Kaylie as she made the announcement to the media about her eating disorder.  Marcus’ jaw hit the floor.  KP was good with being supporting along with Payson and Lauren.  So, is she replacing Emily for good?


The girls shared a hooker red lipstick and looked ready for battle.

  • Lauren was honest with Sasha about the video before the competition.  Sasha just walked away but came back to tell her to give the whole package, her sassy attitude.  He forgave her because he cares about her.  Lauren went on to do beam the only way she knows how.  Summer saw this and was filled with joy.
  • Payson on vault.  She stuck it but hurt her ankle.  Oh no!  It was not broken but she begged Sasha to do the second vault and land on one leg.  There was no way she could do the floor.  She nailed it.  This scene looked familiar… hmm.  A little person named Kerri Scruggs?
  • KP gave up the floor to Kaylie.  She rocked it!

USA won the GOLD!!

Summer was back speaking to Lauren.  Max came to see Payson and he said he might be in love with her.  I think he was about to tell her he was bi but she didn’t give him a chance.  Kaylie and Austin are official, Mr. Cobalt has a girlfriend. The Rock girls did it.

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