In the season finale the case is a performance artist who set her self on fire  and was brought to the teams attention due to her fake illness.  The kicker was that she had a real diagnosis that she didn’t tell anyone in order to be a challenge and for her and her partner Luca to make more art.

Taub spent the episode avoiding Rachel and looking at the ultrasound with his young baby mama, Ruby.  Foreman told him he needed to tell his ex-wife about the pregnancy before she found out from someone else.

Wilson was done watching House kill himself and this caused House to check out of the hospital.  House and Cuddy had lunch together and tried to really finish their loose ends.  Cuddy admitted she hasn’t dated anyone since him and then House went on a rant about why he cut on his leg.  It was because he wanted to feel more pain and then he got up and left.  As she followed him he grabbed her and said he felt hurt.  Cuddy said she knew and that she was sorry.

Taub’s wife finally found him and told him that she was pregnant.  What!  Meanwhile Afsoun changed her mind about reciving radiation treatment because Luca had returned and she had something worth living for.  House started to project how his feelings on her by being upset in her choice because Luca had left before and he could leave again.

Wilson went with House over to Cuddy’s home to return her brush.  He found that she had company over her house so instead of going in he kicked Wilson out of his car, sped down the road, came back and ran his car into Cuddy’s house.  He then got out of the car, handed her the brush and told Wilson he felt better.  The next scene was House on the beach getting a drink at a bar.

for a more detailed post check out the LA Times Blog.


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  1. Cecelia Waters says:

    House’s behavior is toxic. Who in their right mind would do what he does!

    • Elizabeth says:

      It is all about the story. Will he find redemption next season? Who knows. They left us with a lot of build up. Cuddy could or will leave and House may not come back and could start over. Poor Taub got what he deserved, two new families!

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