One person from each group in the prison all get up to confront a prisoner when an eighteen wheeler busted through the prison wall.  The group took one of the guards while the truck driver was killed.  Next thing you know the prisoners drove an armored truck out of the eighteen wheeler and through the hole in the prison wall.

  • Barnes- sociopath, leader
  • Rhodes- Killer
  • Cecada- Car thief
  • Young- Forger
  • Clemente- Drug runner

Deputy Wynn is Knox’s new boss.  He went to see Charlie to talk about changing the program and putting more of a hammer on the convicts.  Now tha he is the Chief Director he is not going to let the program slip out of his hands.

As the team was briefed they found out that the kidnapped guard, who had a wife, child and baby on the way was found shot in the head twice.When the team found where the convicts changed into their civilian clothes there was a set of clothes still there.  Ray sent Shea to Attica to find out who the sixth person was.  Needless to say Shea was not happy.

The team found each member one by one while Bart and Rhodes terrorized two couples that were in Barnes’ old home.  Rhodes was getting tired of Bart acting “better than him” when he wanted to kill the four people who were in the house.

Shea was under a lot of pressure in Attica.  He did find the sixth man who knew that Barnes was lying and was going to screw everyone.  That is why he cut himself to get into the infirmary.

Barnes finally turned on Rhodes once he got what he wanted and killed him.  Ray, Charlie and Lloyd finally caught up with Barnes.  Charlie and Ray were forced to drop their weapons because Barnes had a gun to Lloyd.  One flash gun shot to the crotch and Barnes was back in cuffs.

Shea was very, very mad about being put in Attica and left behind.  WHile he was tripping out Wynn came to the headquarters.  He wanted to get rid of Ray because he was a dirty cop.  Charlie stood up for Ray and his team and said he would go back to his desk job before letting that happened.  Wynn backed down but said it was on him if it goes south.

Mother of all season finale is on Memorial Day Weekend.  Tune in!


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