Here is what you go to hear last night on Glee:

  • Back to Black performed by Santana
  • Some People performed by Kurt
  • Try a Little Tenderness performed by Mercedes
  • My Man performed by Rachel
  • Pure Imagination performed by New Directions

So last night was like watching two versions of Glee, one bad one good.  Sue’s story of the loss of her sister was moving and coherent, while the Jesse St. James story as a consultant was just trying and annoying. 

First the good, the title of the show indicated to us that something bad was going to happen to someone.  I had fears that Kurts dad was going to die, and was suprised when it turned out to be Sue’s sister Jean.  It has been a long time since we have seen Jean, or in fact even heard her mentioned.  Now I know that this death was simply being used to give Sue a reason to turn good before nationals, but it was moving none the less.  Sue’s sister passed and she was not coping well with the loss.  Kurt and Finn decide to step up and help her out so the glee club decides to help her plan the funeral (contrived I know, but still moving).  In helping Sue clean out Jean’s room they find her favorite movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  This leads to a very moving rendition of Pure Imagination at Jean’s funeral.  Of course all of this leads to Sue apologizing to Will and stating that she is going to try and be good and run for state senate.

On the bad side of things we had Jesse St. James (or Jesse St. Sucks as Kurt calls him) wreaking havoc on the glee club.  He has decided he wants to be a reality show judge and decides to practice on glee club.  He wants to have one lead singer for Nationals.  For some reason Will agrees and a sing off ensues.  Jesse is mean and rude to everyone except Rachel and chooses her for the solo.  Will comes to his senses and decides this isn’t the way things are done in his club and drops the competition.  He then announces everyone will sing, and everyone will write a new song by the time they get to NYC—which is next week.  I guess my real problem here is that Jesse was made an ass simply to make it so the kids in Glee could make up and realize they don’t need to compete.  Plus, should the club not have started planning who should sing and what they would sing before now???  Seems just a little lazy to me, but I have never been in a Glee club.

Then in random story of the week, Will is going on the rode with April Rhodes.  Remember that episode where he turned her down, partly because of the Glee club and partly because her broadway show seemed like a stupid idea?  Well, apparently we are the only ones, cause after Nationals Will is going to work on her show for the summer.  This sets up not only the drama for next week, once the club finds out, but also for next season when I’m sure he will have to make a tough choice to stay or go.  The only plus was a little Emma time and Terry is moving away to Miami (although that doesn’t mean she is going to Florida).

Not a great episode, but what worked did work well.  What did you all think?


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