Max and Payson found a dog while taking a run at the park.  They decide to take care of it until they can find her owner.  KP’s manager, Sheila, threw some bows to get KP’s banner and travel bus at the Rock.  Oh, Sheila is Kelly’s mom and she is pretty intense.  Chloe ran into Mark at work, Ha,ha!  On a sad note, Mark’s company went under so he is back.  The reason he was at Bodacious Boulders was because the company he was interviewing with  like a person who can work hard and party hard.  Mark is such a stand up guy that he snitched on Chloe working there.  Back at the gym Austin got permission from Sasha to train Kaylie after hours.  Kaylie was not happy about this, she doesn’t need “saving.”  Kelly went to Austin to rag on Kaylie but he sent her packing back to her pet Tessa.

Max and Payson bonded over their new child/dog Phoebe.  I am glad they are connecting but does Max know that Lauren has claimed him as her boyfriend?   Chloe came in to pay Emily’s final bill.  She and Summer had a heart to heart about the hard life of young motherhood and open adoption.  As Summer tried to hide her ring, Chloe congratulated her on her engagement.  Max and Payson tried to leave the gym to take care of the dog and was able to side step Lauren asking what they were doing.  Kaylie finally decided to take Austin up on his help.

The dog got out of the bag and Kim said no, to Payson’s request to keep Phoebe.  Little does she know that her dad is unemployed and will have to start from the bottom back in the CO.  In some undisclosed gym, Lauren and Max played one-on-one.  This caused Max to miss Payson’s call about Phoebe.

KP and Tessa came to the gym to work out after hours.  More like try to psych out Kaylie.  The next day Payson was able to tell Max about the Phoebe situation.  The competition for the final spot on the national event was the same day.  Austin and Kaylie’s plan was to only do the vault instead of all four apparatuses.  Sasha was not pleased but Kaylie’s response was what would Sasha do?  Way to keep KP guessing!  She landed her Vault perfectly and Sheila and her daughter were not pleased. 

Kim and Mark debated having faith and things working out.  They are a first class family who should stop being afraid.  So, I think Phoebe is going to stay!  Back at the gym, Sheila plots to leak to the press that Kaylie is anorexic.  She sends KP to find proof to keep Kaylie from getting sponsors.  Kaylie came in on the tail end of the chew out Sheila gave KP, so she tried to comfort her.  To bad she didn’t hear the part about her anorexia.  Maybe this is part of their plan.

Max stopped by Payson’s to find out the good news about Phoebe.  He then told her that he will always be honest and told her he would be going on a date with Lauren.  LAME!!  KP went to Kaylie’s and got invited to dinner.  I think it is the beginning of a fake friendship.  When Kaylie was out of the room KP found her diary that Kaylie wrote she was anorexic and took it.  What a pain in the butt.  Way more than Lauren at this point.

Side note:  Becca, Payson’s sister and Brain, Emily’s brother were both mentioned this episode but where are they?


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  1. Sunshine says:

    I think Becca and Brian have run away together and are going to adopt Emily’s baby and raise it so that it never has to feel as abondoned as they do!

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