Car hotwired, woman speeding off and the driver looks like she is going to pass out.  It looks like a stab wound to her side then she wrecked.  She got out of the car knocked on the door of Thirteen’s apartment.  Thirteen opened the door and said Darrien?  Thirteen told her she needed to go to the hospital or she would bleed out.  Darrien convinced her to do the job at her work.

Chase stays with Thirteen to help her save her prison friends life.  House did a body scan to see if he had tumors while Foreman and Taub talk about fatherhood at a strip Club.

House got a hooker to experiment some positions with but his leg failed him and he dropped his experimental drugs.  Her services were no longer needed.  Foreman walked in on Taub and his girlfriend.  She walked out and Foreman asked if they were breaking up.  No, no, she is preggers!

Darrien should be dead so Thirteen called Chase to go to the hospital and get an ultrasound machine.  House went to see Dr. Riggen whose experimental medicine gave his test rats tumors and killed them.

Chase agreed to help Thirteen with her prison buddy but wanted Darrien to go to the hospital.  House gave himself a scan to check for tumors while Foreman and Taub discussed fatherhood in a strip club.

House has really lost it because he got in his bathtub and proceded to remove the spots in his leg found from the scan.  After thouroly grossing me out, House finally called everyone and Cuddy was the only one to show up.

Thirteen and Chase got in a real fist fight about taking Darrien to the hospital.  Chase won!  Cuddy took House to the hospital because she refused to take the third tumor out.  Darrien confessed to being a cop, shooting a nineteen year old and feeling so bad that she started using drugs.  Chase and Thirteen called House for advice, not knowing that he was also on his death bed.  Meanwhile,because Taub is a big idiot, he waited for a stripper to get off work and got a gun pulled on him.  Way to go genius.

In the end Darrien was going to pull through but the team had to let the police go.  This made her very upset and she lashed out at Thirteen.  Cuddy’s daughter was worried about House so Cuddy said she should write a letter.  Taub went to his future baby mamma, and told her that he thought he was going to die last night (at a strip club) and that he wanted to have the baby.  Thirteen and Chase bond because she is freaking out about dying one day.  Taub and Foreman joined Thirteen and Chase, they finally wondered where House was.  House woke up to Wilson telling him he was lucky.  The final three minutes of this episode was the best.  Wilson then read House his “pirate letter.”  Too cute!  House then confessed he knew things had to change. 

Season finale next week!

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