Annie (Kristen Wigg) has been chosen to be the maid of honor at her best friend, Lillian’s (Maya Rudolph) wedding.  Annie is down on her luck after her bakery goes out of business and lives in a tiny apartment with weird british roommates and is a booty call for Ted (Jon Hamm).  Annie’s luck only gets worse as she meets her fellow brides maids, Becky (Ellie Kemper), Rita (Wendy McLendon-Covey), Helen (Rose Byrne), and Megan (Melissa McCarthy).  Helen is out to take Annie’s spot as Lillian’s best friend and has the money to buy her way in.  Wacky hilarity ensues at each milestone of Lillian’s wedding prep.  Rita, Megan, and Becky round out the crew to bring the hijinks to a whole new level. 

Despite all her other problems, Annie seems to be on track to find a good man.  Ted is clearly using her for booty calls, but Annie has managed to meet Officer Rhodes (Chris O’ Dowd).  Too bad Annie is so self-sabotaging so as things spiral completely out of control with Lillian, Annie pushes Officer Rhodes away and has to win him and Lillian back at the same time.  Things climax beautifully with everyone getting what they hoped for and Annie learning many a life lesson, without letting the funny slow down for a minute.

Sunshine’s Thoughts: Kristin Wigg is the funniest I have ever seen her be in this movie.  Despite the decline in quality I am still a regular viewer of SNL and Wigg is by far the worst thing on that show, but somehow here she manages to shine.  Melissa McCarthy stole the show with her over the top raunchy Megan character, and Jon Hamm added that extra little funny bit that pushed the movie over the top.  I have not laughed this hard since Source Code (which I am assuming was unintentionally funny).  I have high hopes that this movie will lay some groundwork from some female “buddy” comedies that don’t just have a bunch of women whining about their husbands, boyfriends, or lack there of.  Bridesmaids did an excellent job of taking what could have been a common, boring movie about women trying to be funny and made it a true femal comedy force in the vein of The Hangover.  This is a must see, though be warned, the gross out humor, while limited, is truly gross and will (and did) elicit a physical reaction from everyone in the theater.  I give it 4/5 bridesmaids dresses.

Elizabeth’s Thougths:

Why doesn’t Kristen Wigg come off this funny on SNL.  This is a great movie and if you have ever been a bridesmaid you totally get it.  It is not the girl version of the Hangover but it had me laughing all the way through.  This film captures the different dynamics when old and new friends come together.  There is fun, there is a fight, there is sadness and then they all come together.  Oh, not to forget the fact that everyone can remember jamming out to Wilson Phillips’ Hold On back in the 90’s.  You know, when music was good!  I give this film 4/5 bridesmaids dresses.


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