A group of mentally ill prisoners went on a field trip due to good behavior and following the rules.  What a great way to escape!  Bennett, one of the prisoner’s refused to give up his stuffed bird.  The leader of the group said it was okay for him to bring.  Mistake!  As Bennett made his way out of the chivalry castle, an orderly was killed.

As the team went over the case, Charlie was acting weird.  His watch, that his father had given him, was missing.  He blamed the team and gave them to the end of the case to return his watch.

Ray and Lloyd paid a visit to Bennett’s prison.  He is diagnosed with comorbidity, he suffered from schizophrenia plus.  Meanwhile, it looked like Bennett was getting ready for camping.  Charlie, met with Bennett’s brother.  Erica remembered that Gunnerson, the original Breakout King who didn’t make it through the first case could help hunt down Bennett, a natural-born survivalist.

What was Bennett after?  He originally was locked up for stalking and killing a newscaster.  He is now obsessed with a new woman who looks very similar to his first victim.  Before the team can make her aware Bennett found and abducted her.

Gunnerson is back for ribs, beer and a hustler and of course Charlie is not happy about.  Everyone except Lloyd goes to the woods because he had to decifer Bennett’s diary.  Before Charlie can notify the rangers one is killed due to stopping Bennett with his car on the trail. 

Charlie’s distrust of convicts leads Erica to fess up that she knows the woods due to a bail jumper dumping a body there.  As Bennett and the tv host make their way through the woods, she begins to drop things on the trail so she can be tracked.  Ray went with Erica on the trails and he asked her if this was the woods were she did her alleged killings.  She then found the tv hosts hints so they were on the right trail.  On the way up the mountain Ray steppe don a bear trap.  The tv host used a mirror to catch the sun and Erica was able to see it and find her.  Back to the bear trap.  It was interesting how Erica jumped the fallen tree as if she knew the trap was there.  Back to the tv host, Erica freed her but was then captured by Bennett.

Bennett dressed Erica up in a wedding dress and then was preparing to decaptiate her.  Luckily Charlie showed up.  In the end Charlie had to save face because he misplaced his father’s watch!


About Elizabeth

I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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