Here is what you got to hear last night on Glee:

  • Rolling In The Deep performed by Rachel and Jesse St. James
  • Isn’t She Lovely performed by Artie
  • Friday perfomed by Artie, Puck, and Sam
  • Jar of Hearts performed by Rachel
  • I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance performed by Blaine, Tina, Brittany
  • Dancing Queen performed by Mercedes and Santana

New Directions gets hired to perform at prom after the principals favorite band, Air Supply, backs out.  The campaign for Prom King and Queen is still going strong.  Everyone has a date except for Mercedes and Rachel.  Mercedes is bummed and doesn’t want to go at all, but Rachel comes up with the plan to have Sam take both of them to prom on a budget.  Sam is game so everyone is happy.

Rachel is getting ready to ruin Rolling In The Deep for me, but then Jesse St. James shows up and owns the song and wins back Rachels heart.  Rachel, Jesse, Sam, and Mercedes are hanging out at Breadsticks, with Jesse acting kind of douchey when Quinn and Finn show up.  Finn does some aggressive talk with Jesse, Quinn campaigns once more, and everyone moves on to prom.

Puck and Sam do what I feel was a very un-ironic performance of Friday and everyone parties down.  Rachel sings Jar of Hearts to Finn, he knows it.  While Blaine is performing Finn gets upset about how handsy Jesse St. James is being.  He asks him nicely to leave some room for Jesus.  Jesse doesn’t like it and things get physical.  Finn and Jesse get kicked out of prom.  Then King and Queen are announced.  Krofsky is King and Kurt is Queen.  Kurt is hurt because he knows it had to be a big prank that he was voted Queen.  Kurt runs out with Blaine behind him, Quinn runs out with Rachel following, and Mercedes runs out with Britanny following her.  Quinn smacks the crap out of Rachel in the bathroom then they make up.  Brittany lays a little truth on Mercedes and they make up.  Blaine gives Kurt the courage to go back.

Kurt accepts his crown and its time to dance with the king.  Korofsky just can’t bring himself to do it, but Blaine steps in and dances with Kurt.  Mercedes and Santana perform Dancing Queen (they should really get more performance time together) and everyone dances the night away. 

Good episode, although was it just me or was Sam’s hair really weird at prom?  Other than that little issue it was a solid hour of Glee fun.  What did you all think?


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