Kaylie is back at the Rock this week and before she can put her bag down Lauren invites the girls to Summer’s engagement party that Summer has no idea about.  Kelly Parker replaced Emily on the National Team and during the press conference Sasha also announced that Kaylie would not be ready for Worlds so she would not be competing.

Kelly Parker came in with an agenda and Sasha was not going to play her games.  She even wanted her protege Tessa to take Kaylie’s spot on the team.  The boys, Austin and Max, discussed Payson and Lauren.  Max wanted to know what was up with Payson and Austin told him he was all up on Lauren and Payson doesn’t play games.

Watch out Lauren you have some competiton for the biggest pain in the gym.  That’s right Kelly Parker.  Kelly even threw Carter in Lauren’s face.  Meanwhile, Austin tried to encourage Kaylie as she must work back to level of ability.

Kaylie told Damon about her honest trip and how their kiss meant nothing.  This shocked Damon, not that Emily ran away from hearing about the kiss but that the kiss meant nothing to Kaylie.  Damon went to go see Chloe, which was interesting.  Thanks for knocking up her teen daughter.  She told Damon that Emily made the choice to have the baby.  His response was that he was not ready to be a father.

Back at the gym, Kelly is giving Tessa a hard time but never fear, Kaylie was there to give her support.  Payson didn’t look to pleased with Kaylie helping people take her spot.  Doesn’t Payson remember when she wasn’t ready to try out for the National Team after breaking her back?  Give Kaylie a break.  Damon came by the gym because he was on his way to be with Emily.  Austin busted in on the “bonding” and gave Damon the business, I mean he punched him in his stomach.  Kaylie didn’t appreciate being saved.

Kaylie is convinced to fight for her spot, Payson and Lauren work out with her at night by sneaking in the gym.  After their secret practice, the girls saw a picture taken by Max that had Payson on it.  The next day Austin apologized to Kaylie and told her she was strong.  The girls then asked Austin to help at night with Kaylie’s training.  Kelly Parker heard this and snitched to Sasha.

Sasha busted in on the secret practice and denied Kaylie a shot.  Austin and Max stepped in and told Sasha to give her a shot.  Sasha caved and said he would see one apparatus.  Kaylie knocked it out of the park.  Sasha still denied her because he didn’t want to be responsible for putting pressure on Kaylie.  The late practices proved him right.  Sasha went to see Kaylie’s therapist who asked him to consider if he was being too protective and to give her a chance.  Tessa and Kaylie made the Worlds team.

Max told Payson he likes her and she told him he liked her back.  Payson just can’t because she is so focused.  Max agreed to be a really good friend. LAME, let’s get Emily a pregnancy buddy.  Lauren saw what he did and then went on to make out with him.  Maybe she will get the pregnancy bug! 

Sasha was working out with his shirt off when Summer decided to tell him about her engagement.  He congratulated her and went back to working out.  He looked heart-broken, well at least a little.   Summer was then able to put on her engagement ring and came home to her engagement party.

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