Here is what you got hear last night on Glee:

  • Dreams
  • Never Going Back Again
  • Songbird
  • I Don’t Want to Know
  • Go Your Own Way
  • Don’t Stop

I didn’t list who sang what because honestly I do not remember.  This episode just kind of all flowed into one big gob of blah.  Even with one of my favorite characters April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) returning.  Tonights lesson of choice was rumors and how they effect people.  For some reason Sue is allowed to to revive the school newspaper, the Muck Racker and run it as a tabloid of sorts.  She throws out blind items that make Finn think Sam and Quinn are together behind his back, that Mr. Schue is leaving New Directions to go not he road with April Rhodes, that Finn and Rachel are sneaking around, and that Santana is a lesbian.

Now that last rumor is true, and was the only part of the episode that interested me even a little bit.  Artie and Brittany break up cause Artie can’t stand the thought of Santana giving Brittany something he should be giving her.  Brittany invites Santana to come on her webcast (Fondue for Two) where Brittany will ask her to the prom and reveal that she too is a lesbian.  Santana just can’t do it though and continues to lie and say that she is dating Korofsky.  The reason this stroy line has been so good is because of the actress playing Santana, she has truly portrayed her struggle to be who she wants to be and still fit in at school.  Good stuff.

Unfortunately, the good stuff was pretty much contained to that story line.  Sue and the former Mrs. Schue are still plotting on how to take down Glee Club.  They bring April Rhodes back to town in the hopes that she will convince Will to come on the road with her.  Of course that plan doesn’t work because Will does truly love his Glee kids, and of course Emma is here (two weeks in a row no less!).  So with Will staying, its time for the Glee kids to teach us an important lesson about rumors!

Finn thinks Quinn is cheating on him with Sam.  He and Rachel stake out a hotel where Sam is at looking for Quinn, but Quinn doesn’t show up, however Kurt does!  The next day Sam shows up wearing one of Kurts jackets, so of course that means they are hooking up.  But, oh wait, on the next stakeout Quinn shows up!  Finn confronts her, but she counter confronts him by saying she knows he was canoodling with Quinn.  Finn says they were staking her out and they agree to disagree.  That is until Finn says that Rachel wants to do a duet with him.  Quinn puts her foot down and says there will be no duets unless they are with her or else Finn cannot perform.  Ulitmatum down, Quinn in ultra bitch mode, and now its time for tonights after school special moment.  Turns out Sam is at the hotel because his father lost his job, then they lost their house, and now he is sharing that hotel room with his parents and his brother and sister.  It would have been sad had the whole episode not been so ridiculous.  Now everyone feels bad and learns that spreading rumor is bad.  Good job Glee, way to teach as heavy a handed lesson as possible.

Another disappointing Glee for me, what did you all think?

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