What the heck!  It is Andrea (Carteris) from the original 90210!  She gave Emily her options for dealing with her pregnancy. 



Sasha came back to the Rock to see a tv show set up.  He told Summer that Emily wouldn’t be there and that he didn’t like this media.  Emily popped up and the first question was had she secured her position on the team with the NGO.  Not really because she is knocked up.  Lesson girls, it only takes one time.

Kaylie and Damon have something hot going as a duo.


Sasha pulled Emily aside to ask why she told the reporter she would be ready for Nationals and asked if she had made a decision about her pregnancy because she would need to train to compete.  Emily got a real smart attitude and said she was only six weeks and would make a decision once she knew if she was on the team.  That seems a bit crazy to me but Emily has been working my nerves this whole season.

Chloe tried to talk to Emily and tried to be understanding because she was a teen mom.  Emily told her to stop talking to her like she was a statistic.  Wait, you are.  Then it turned into a conversation about Chloe not having a choice verses Emily having a choice to get an abortion.  I see where this episode is going, they started talking about baby souls and when you get your soul.  Does Emily think abortion is wrong.  What about Damon?  Shouldn’t she tell him.  Chloe says no, that Emily doesn’t even have to tell him because it is her choice.  Now I think that is just wrong.

Lauren and her dad go scheming to get engaged to Summer again now that Sasha is back.  Thankfully Summer said she needed to think about it.

Sasha said it right when Chloe asked if Emily could have her baby and then come back.  His answer, no, pregnancy changes your body forever.  This has always been her problem.  “Her have her cake and eat it to mentality.”  Chloe was frustrated because she wanted Sasha to give his opinion to Emily.  He doesn’t have one she has made her own choices.

Kaylie, has been told by her therapist that she is back in weight range to start training again and that she was well on the way to recovery.

Back at the gym, Sasha wanted to get Lauren to work more on her “twisties” before practice.  She acted as if she was worried to work with him alone.  He promised that nothing happened between him and Payson.  In the office Kim and Summer had some girl talk about her proposal.

Emily was officially reinstated on the Worlds Team.  She is going to Rio!  Wait, your preggers!  Now she has to make a choice.  What did Emily do?  She ran away.  Emily finally confessed to Payson.  Payson of course, had the right reaction!  Thank you Payson for being the best this whole season.  Emily tried to make her feel bad but it didn’t work.  As Emily cried she said she just needed a friend.  The best way Payson knew to be her friend was through gymnastics.  Emily is the only one who didn’t believe she was great.  Maybe Emily should just quit and her character is about to be written off the show.  Emily was thinking being a teen mom would be an easier path.

Sasha told Summer about Emily’s situation.  Summer told him why not?  Emily needs their support until she has the baby.  Sasha of course is opposite because it will end her career.  Another argument another pro- choice/ pro-life moment during the episode.  This led Summer to say yes to Steve.  Well, Summer and Sasha were always opposites.

Damon kissed Kaylie and he said it was okay because he and Emily were broken up.  Kaylie stays true to her friend and says it is wrong. 

Chloe called Marcus from the NGO.  He said they have dealt with this before and was planning her abortion.  Emily went crazy and said she has a choice.  She then became paranoid about her mother and Marcus being together.  Emily’s hormones are out of wack.  Chloe then said some stat about baby daddies and Emily said, “that is not my baby’s father… he loves me.”  Yeah okay, he was just trying to make out with Kaylie.  I hope you find him Em.

While practicing with Sasha, Lauren broke down because he really cared about helping her.  Guilt can get at you.  The two of them were wrong about each other and Sasha said they were a team from here on out.

Emily went to see Damon and he gave her a hard time about being broken up.  She was still talking crazy and said they didn’t have to wait to have their happy ending because she was pregnant.  Emily looks like a psycho at this point.  Damon asked about her dream and she said her dream was killing her.  Rewind. Damon looked less than thrilled to be told he was going to be a father.

Lauren finally sent the whole footage of Sasha and Payson to the NGO.  Bad girl gone good due to attention?

Kaylie went to see Emily not knowing anything that is going on and told her about Damon! OMG!  Way to let your truth-telling start now.  She just told her, said it really sucked and left.  Now where is Emily going to go because she still was closing her packed bag.

As the girls went to be friends to Emily, Chloe informed them that Emily was on a bus to Las Vegas to stay with her godmother.  She had decided to have her baby.  We then got to see Emily on the bus with a montage of her pre-insanity moments.

The girls went to their gymnastics summer camp and vented about their feelings.  They didn’t know that the adults were watching them.  Even Payson’s dad was there.  They had some good news, Sasha is the new coach for the US team.

Are you sad?  Are you glad?  I was a fan of Emily but this season she got out of control at this point I could care less if she comes back or not.

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  1. Sunshine says:

    glad you noticed Emily was being a psycho too! it was insane,she even had crazy eyes. one question, is her brother dead? wouldn’t he have been around during her pregnancy debate???

    • Elizabeth says:

      WHAT! She has a brother? J/k, who knows where poor Brian is. They didn’t utilize him enough before so I am not surprised if he is gone. It is weird though, he is the reason Emily started this downward spiral because she had to still his meds. Speaking of brothers, what happened to Leo? I liked him. I know he is in college but school isn’t year round. That is another thing that is confusing about the show… you never know what time of year it is minus the Valentine’s Day episode.

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