The case, a lottery winner (Logue) who has run out of luck.  While talking to his cousin/ limo driver he had partial paralysis.

Issue:  Cuddy’s mother (Bergen) planned to sue the hospital thanks to the treatment she received from Cuddy and House.  Cuddy wanted House to come to a meeting with her mother and her lawyer.  Bad news for Cyrus, House refused the lawyer meeting and this caused Cuddy to revoke any orders for test and equipment for the patient.  The team then discharged him.  A woman from Cyrus’ past came to see him and he threw up on her.  Guess what… no discharge you are having a focal seizure.

While Taub and Foreman were doing a scan on Cyrus, they found three different cancers in his liver, colon and pancreas.  This lead Cyrus to ask Jennifer to marry him so he could live the rest of his life happy.  This didn’t sit well with Thirteen so she told him that Jennifer was probably taking him for a ride.  Cyrus then said he thought tha Thirteen was sad and couldn’t stand to see anyone else happy.

Wilson, House and Cuddy went to go give Adele a check for her pain and suffering.  Cuddy’s mother also wanted money to change her will and give everything to her other daughter.  This led to her check being ripped.

Thirteen again questioned “Jennifer” again, it turned out that Cyrus’ cousin and “girlfriend” was a fraud trying to get his money.  As he thought his life would always suck, he began to crash.

House figured it out, Cyrus had teratoma.  His brain cells were loose in his body.  The team cuts out the teratoma he should get better.  Only downside, the woman he loved was a fraud.

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