Fast Five picks up right where Fast & Furious left off with Dom (Vin Diesel) on his way to prison, only to be freed from the prison bus by his sister Mia (Brewster) and her boyfriend Brian (Walker).  After the prison bus crashes (conveniently with no one killed) the three of them split up.  Mia and Brian land in Brazil and hide out with Vince (from the original) while they wait for Dom to show up.  Vince has a heist that cannot fail and Brian makes the call to go ahead without Dom.  Luckily for everyone in involved Dom shows up just in time to help out with a train heist.  Of course things are not as simple as just stealing three cars off a moving train with DEA agents onboard, no, it seems one of the cars contains something special that a local drug lord wants badly.  Dom advises Mia to take the car the dealers want, drive it to a different location and wait for him.  At this point things get out of control, gun fights ensue, DEA agents and drug dealers get killed and Dom and Brian drive off a cliff.  Our heroes (or anti-heroes) land safely in a river but are taken by the drug dealers.  Good thing Dom is so bad ass, cause he busts his chains and he and Brian run free home to Mia.

Vince is under suspicion by everyone for setting up the bad deal and is cast out of the group.  Mia, Brian, and Dom became priority one for the drug dealers and Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson).  After coming under fire from both groups, Mia announces they can’t split up cause shes pregnant!  You know what that means, the guys have to do one last big job to make money and take care of the next generation.  The gang decides to use the druglords address containing computer chip against him and rob his money houses.  That means we need a crew so Dom recruits some of our old favorites: a Roman (Tyrese Gibson 2 Fast 2 Furious), Tej (Ludacris 2 Fast 2 Furious), Han (Sung Kang Tokyo Drift), Gisele (Gal Gadot Fast & Furious), Leo (Tego Calderon Fast & Furious, Tokyo Drift), and Santos (Don Omar Fast & Furious, Tokyo Drift).  The gang sets up a plan to get the money to one location, unfortunately the drug lord puts all the money in a vault in the police station.  The group races for some super fast cars and works on being fast enough to beat cameras.  Unfortunately before the plan can be implemented Hobbs finds the hide out and takes everyone in.  Things go bad on the way when the drugdealers attack the caravan.  Hobbs crew is picked off one by one until only he is left.  Thank goodness Dom is so slippery and manages to free himself and his crew to save Hobbs. 

The loss a crew member spurs Dom to finish the job and Hobbs agrees to help so he can stop the drug dealer.  After a truly masterful plan (watch closely and see if you catch it before they explain it) Hobbs gives everyone 24 hours to spread out because he will be coming after them.  At the end we see everyone living large with their cut and enjoying the easy life.  It would have served as nice end to the series, but stay after the credits and you will realize there is more to come.  I will talk about the suprise after the credits in my thoughts on the movie, so stop reading now if you don’t want any spoilers!

Sunshine’s Thoughts: A nice follow up to Fast & Furious, this movie had everything you could want from this series, fast cars and big fights.  I was a little disappointed in the lack of racing, there is one point in the movie when Dom and Brian go specifically to race for a car but we don’t get to see the race.  There could have been more of that and less of the “will Mia tell them she’s pregnant” story.  I enjoyed the hell out of this movie though, and so did everyone in the theater I watched it in.  The movie was cheesy to the max and some of the dialogue made me laugh out loud when it probably wasn’t supposed to, but I still loved it.  Stay after the credits for a “preview” of the next in the series. *** SPOILER*** Hobbs is setting at his desk when in walks Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes 2 Fast 2 Furious) with a file.  Hobbs isn’t interested unless its Dom, its not but Monica says he will still want to see.  Hobbs opens the file and we see a picture of Letty (Michelle Rodriquez The Fast and Furious, Fast & Furious), and Monica asks if Hobbs believes in ghosts.  Now, I knew this was coming from reading spoilers but had hoped it wasn’t true.  Letty is probably my most hated character of the series with Monica Funetes running a close second.  Who knows how this will play out but I really hope its just a red herring.  I give Fast Five 4/5 booty droppin’ girls.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:

This film was everything that I would expect from a Fast and Furious movie.  The plus was having Dwayne Johnson in the movie!  Oh yeah!  There is a lack of racing but this franchise has been moving slowly away from that since Tokyo Drift.  I do miss the special effects that are used to show the awesomeness of pushing the NOS button.  I did wonder how they had all of their wardrobe changes because if I was on the run, changing my outfit everyday would not be priority (Brian, Dom and Mia).  I couldn’t get enough of the Han character and Disel and Johnson need to work more together in action.  My favorite action part of the movie was the first fight seen when Dom comes face-to-face with Hobbs.  My favorite line was, “it was a baby gift!”  Brian was so excited when he thought he finally beat Dom during a race.  This movie really helped me and Sunshine piece together our origin story.  I give Fast Five 4/5 booty droppin’ girls.

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