Here is what you got to hear last night on a supersized Glee:

  • I Feel Pretty/Unpretty performed by Rachel and Quinn
  • I’ve Gotta Be Me performed by Finn
  • Somewhere Only We Know performed by the Warblers
  • As If We Never Said Goodbye performed by Kurt
  • Born This Way performed by New Directions

Okay, so this episode didn’t suck!  It wasn’t ground breaking but it didn’t suck so we are making progress.  Unfortunately, it also didn’t need to be 90 minutes, but it was and I muscled through.  Here is what happened to our Gleeks last night.

The ever smooth Finn broke Rachel’s nose during a dance.  Her doctor recommended a nose job, it would improve her face and make her sing better!  Rachel wasn’t so sure, then she thought maybe if she had Quinn’s nose it would improve her life.  Everyone in the Glee Club (minus Quinn) is opposed to this plan.  Which leads us to the lesson of the week — ACCEPTANCE!

Clearly, Rachel is supposed to accept her nose but what is everyone else supposed to accept?  According to the shirts everyone was wearing at the end (part of a stupid brilliant plan to have everyone find something about themselves they don’t like but accept):

  • Sam = Trouty Mouth,
  • Mercedes = No Weave (???),
  • Quinn = Lucy Caboosey (her former fat self),
  • Brittany and Puck = I’m With Stupid (his pointing to his penis hers to her head),
  • Mr. Schu = Butt Chin,
  • Kurt = Likes Boys (very mixed message with that shirt),
  • Artie = Four Eyes,
  • Mike = Can’t Sing,
  • Finn = Can’t Dance,
  • Tina = Brown Eyes,
  • Lauren = Bad Attitude,
  • Santana = Bitch (Brittany made her a “lebanese” shirt meant to say lesbian that she did have on at the end),
  • Emma = OCD.

Now we all know that despite that being the “lesson” of the week, we couldn’t just have that be the only plot point!  Kurt is back, and we know this because about half way through the episode everything stops so that the Warblers can serenade Kurt to tell him goodbye and then so Kurt can sing his glad to be home song!  It was seriously about 15 minutes of just Kurt—and while I love Kurt and love to hear him sing it was a bit too much.

Santana and Korofsky have teamed up to be each others beard and to stop bullying!  Which is what lead to Kurt returning to school.  And if you have read the spoilers (google: twitter glee spoiler) you know it was essential for the finale for Kurt to be back at the school and semi getting along with Korofsky. 

Plus, if Kurt hadn’t returned no one could have saved Rachel from her Quinn nose job.  Kurt steps in at the nick of time with a Mall of America flash dance, which I enjoyed thoroughly, but felt was just more filler. 

Emma was back this week trying to work on her OCD.  Will seems to be supportive to her one minute then does a very aggressive confrontation at lunch where he tries to make her eat unwashed fruit.  It was weird, but apparently effective as Emma went to a therapist and started taking some meds at the end. 

No Sue this week and I think the show was better for it.  We also got to see Kurt’s dad which always adds something good to the show.  Much improved over the last episode.  I’m looking foward to next week and seeing how adding Kurt back regularly improves the show dynamic.

What did you all think?  Was it a good episode, is the show getting back on track?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I thought it was interesting that the show did a TLC song on the 9 year anniversary of Left-Eyes death.

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