Kim told Payson that they will have to send papers to Sasha to break his contract so that Darby can be the official coach.  They then walked in on Steve telling Darby to tighten up or it will look bad to the NGO and that the Rock girls may not need to be on the national team.  Meanwhile, Chloe was trying to get Emily out of the door but Damon was there.  Her insecure issues about Kaylie possibly being his new muse caused her to break up with Damon “for real.”  As the girls are getting ready to leave Lauren got a credit card with a $20,000 limit.  Coach Conrad a.k.a Darby is all of the sudden trying to be intense and have rules.  Payson told the girls they will not have to worry about her for much longer.

During Kaylie’s therapy session her therapist told her to focus on when did she stop eating and why and for her to put it down in her journal.

On the plane, Payson and Emily convince Lauren to use her credit card to get plane tickets to Romania to find Sasha.  They just needed to get away from Summer and Darby.  With Lauren at the helm that was easy.  Wait, one problem Kelly Parker was called by the NGO as an alternate and snitched on where the girls were heading.  Summer planned to find the girls and all Darby wanted to do was call the NGO.  Emily was drinking an “energy drink” and told the girls that she broke up with them and they guessed that she slept with Damon.  Emily confessed to thinking that he had something going on with Kaylie and the girls said that would be the last thing that Kaylie would do.  So now Emily is questioning what she did.

Damon went to the studio where he and Kaylie bonded over the break up situation.  Kaylie knows a lot about love so she gave Damon some good advice.

Back in Romania the girls are on a rush to find Sasha and get back to the meet.  The girls found Sasha or rather he found them at his job in a small country bar.  And he was looking good!  He also sounded like a real coach when he told the girls to get back to Hungary.  The girls said they were not leaving without him and Sasha’s response was, “well you will be waiting a very long time because I am not coming back.”

Lauren was not helpful by informing Sasha that Summer was back with her dad.  She is so twisted.  Payson sent the girls on to Hungary to stay back with Sasha and Lauren gave Payson her credit card to make it back in time.

Kaylie shared that having a big title is when she stopped eating with Damon.  This only convinced Damon that he needed to let Emily go.

Bak in Romania it was like a standoff between Payson and Sasha till Summer walked in.  Awkward, Sasha sees Summer.  Payson gave Sasha an epic speech about being a quitter and gave him his medal back.  To top it off Summer gave a double epic speech and told Sasha that this was not his best.  I thought he might cry.

Back at home Steve and Kim bond and he apologized for Lauren sometimes crossing the line.

Payson, Lauren and Emily made it back to register for the meet.

Damon used Kaylie’s words to write a song.  I guess she is his new muse.  He played his guitar while she sung.  How nice.  I think it clicked for her.

Guess what!  Sasha was knocking on Emily and Payson’s door at the hotel.  He told them how he would have sent them home for the behavior and poor performance.  In order to gain him back that had to perform well at the meet in the morning.  At the meet we got flashbacks of Sasha giving a pep talk and a commitment to coach them for worlds based on their performance.  The girls showed up but the Russians had a secret weapon and she was good, very good.  After Emily fell on the uneven bars she was replaced with Kelly Parker.  Payson knocked it out of the park on her floor routine putting the U.S. team with silver.  Emily was called by the commissioner due to her urine sample to find out that she is pregnant!

OMG! I can’t believe they wrote in Chelsea Hobbs pregnancy for the Emily character!  Hopefully it will make me like her character again.  This was a very good episode.  Maybe Sasha makes everything better.  Oh well, until next week.

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  1. Sunshine says:

    I knew via spoilers that Emily would be pregnant, but still I was shocked when I saw it happen! I hope it makes her likable because she is just unbearably annoying right now!

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