Here is what you got to hear last night on Glee:

  • All by Myself performed by Sunshine Carazon
  • I Follow Rivers performed by Tina
  • Turning Tables performed by Gwyneth
  • Ain’t No Way performed by Mercedes

The “theme” tonight was neglect.  I think it was intended to show how “neglected” the Glee club is by the school, The Braininacs by there fellow Gleeks, and each member (particularly Mercedes) has there talent neglected.  However, what really seemed to happen was that we focused on storylines that have been neglected since the beginning of the season.  I am at a point where I can accept that the writers of Glee are not capable of making the music match the show, carry through with a theme for an entire episode, or manage to make an episode with Gwyneth anything but a showcase for Gwyneth; but tonight just seemed particularly awful.  If I graded these episdoes, this would have definately earned a F.

It’s not secret i’m not a fan of Gwyneth in general, and especially not on Glee, so i’m grateful that she is moving away to teach French and this marks the end of her story arc for a while.  Her “relationship” with Will was just weird and uncomfortable, especially since she fears comittement and Will seems to crave it like crack.  The only positive in tonights Will storyline was when he spent a few minutes with Emma and we learned that Carl has left her and she is single again.  It was sweet to see Will clean a grape for her and a nice reminder that these two really to mesh well. 

Meanwhile, in the world of “characters we created then tossed to the side” Vocal Adrenaline coach Dustin Goolsby, former Glee leader Sandy Ryerson, and Will’s ex-wife Teri are back as members of Sue’s Leauge of Evil.  They are out to destory the Glee club for no apparent reason other than that seems to be where Sue’s story line is stuck.  Glee Club is having to raise money for their trip to New York and decide to put on a benefit concert.  Sue has Sandy head up a group of hecklers to purchase the only tickets to the show and harass the kids.  They acutally only harass Tina, then they get a heart warming speech from Gwyneth on cyber bullying (yeah, really) and give up their heckling ways.  Oh, and Dustin was assigned to woo Gwyneth away from Will, but turns out she was just going to move away to teach so it wasn’t necessary.  That just leaves Teri, which based on the end of this episode, will either play a major role next week or be completely forgotten until the show needs a random bitch to show up (i’m betting on the latter).

Speaking of that benefit concert, turns out Sunshine Corazon (Charice) is still alive and would like to sing to help out the Glee club.  That’s nice, but it turns out to just be an excuse to have Charice sing All By Myself.  Sunshine backs out, and takes all her twitter followers with her, screwing the Glee club again.  Wow, no one saw that coming, except everyon in the Glee club when they discussed it.  Not to worry though, Rachel will sing the closing number.  That is until Mercedes (who we are supposed to believe is a push over with low self esteem in this episode) decides the best way to get attention is to be a whiney brat Diva.  With the help of Lauren, Mercedes makes riduculous demands then runs away when no one seems to care she is a Diva.  Rachel talks her into performing then lets her Aretha song be the closing number—heartwarming.

So that was pretty much it, next week is a 90 minute episode, I hope Glee gets back on track but this was not a promising start.  What did you all think, was it one of the worst episodes so far or am I crazy?

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