OMG! I think I might puke!  Damon trying to write a song to a montage of photos of Emily… Wait, what the heck is Kaylie doing there in the studio!  I know that Ronnie is a singer but wth is Kaylie doing singing!  I can’t take this.

At the Rock, the girls were preparing to have a competition against Dallas.  Darby “pulled some strings” and got the worst ranked team in the country, Pinewood.  Hungary is in two weeks and Darby is the worst coach ever!

Darby went to Payson to help gain enthusiasm for the Pinewood competition in order to gain points on one of her moves.  Summer and Kim discussed how Darby wasn’t ready to be a coach and then got on the fact that Summer is not getting her needs met for helping Lauren and her dad.

While spending time with Damon, Maeve’s mother called Kaylie to ask her to speak at the funeral and talk about how Maeve was getting better.  Kaylie asked what she should do and how she doesn’t know how she feels and everyone keeps asking her.  Damon encouraged Kaylie to write.  I’m sorry but when did they become bff’s? 

Damon and Emily have been instant messaging each other. To bad he didn’t mention that he was hanging out with Kaylie.  With Damon having a show soon Emily had some of the information up on the computer when she got rid of their chat messages.  Her mom made it clear that she couldn’t go and that she couldn’t see Damon until after worlds.  Emily then gave her mom some talk back about working at a strip club.  Meanwhile, Lauren was trying on her stripper costumes for Max at her house where she convinced him to take her shots.  During a costume change Payson called Max to set up a date, I mean a plan to go running together.  All of the sudden Lauren came out in her bra and panties!  She wanted some pictures for her personal collection.  Thank you, thank you Summer came in and acted like a real mom would!  Whoa, whoa, whoa! How does Lauren do it?  She got Summer to promise not to tell Steve about Max and that she wold never leave her.

At the Rock, Payson caught Emily putting flyers up for Damon’s concert.  That’s right Emily focus on your career not Damon’s.  As Payson was practicing on the vault, Kim told Darby she better set boundaries and tell Payson she wasn’t doing the vault move she was planning to do.  This caused Darby to plan a sleepover at the Rock.  Lauren was upset and told Payson she had a date with Max that night.  That girl is delusional.

Damon went with Kaylie to Maeve’s funeral for support.  Now that I can get behind.  Maeve’s mom was really delusional about Maeve beating her anorexia.  The doctors told Maeve’s mom that she may have had a heart defect when she was born.  She really wanted Kaylie to talk about how well she had been.  Kaylie finally came to the realization that she couldn’t lie to Maeve’s family and that she had been lying and didn’t want to die.  I am glad that she is coming back to reality on her disorder.

At the sleepover the girls passed around truth corn.  The girls gave the real truth and that is kind of funny.  Lauren helped Emily and hte rest of the girls by convincing Darby to let them go see Damon play at the Pizza Shack.  When the girls got there Kaylie was getting on stage to sing with Damon.  Lauren then showed Payson pictures from her and Max’s “date.”  Emily was looking a little indifferent during Damon and Kaylie’s song, maybe because it looked like they were singing to each other.

Summer went to check on Darby and the girls to find no one was at the Rock except for Marcus from the NGO was there.  Thanks to Emily’s posters Marcus had an idea of were the girls where.  Damon was happy to see Emily and of course she thinks only of their relationship and not the risk she was taking with her gymnastics career.  Summer broke up the conversation between her and Max.  She also helped Emily by giving Marcus the long way to the Pizza Shack.  Payson ran cover when Marcus found Darby with a big beer.  Max went to Payson to make plans for their run but after seeing Lauren’s photos she said she didn’t have time for new friends.

The next day the girls were totally unprepared for their match against Pinewood and was getting their butts kicked.  Darby went to Payson to tell her to do the vault to gain points back.  Kim came out of nowhere and drew a line.  Payson fell on her back trying to do what needed to be done.  Darby better watch her back because Kim  gave her a fierce look.  Oh, and Darby made the Rock foot the bill to bring Pinewood to CO, to kick the girls butts.  Bring back Sasha, bring back Sasha!  Kim didn’t have to do anything because Payson gave her the business.  Darby walked away crying instead of taking up for herself.

Kaylie decided to stop lying to herself and her parents and to keep a real journal about being anorexic to start her healing process.


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