Masters is consumed with studying to finish medical school coinciding with Thirteen returning to the team.  While working on her log Cruz, a fellow classmate, jumped the gun on her lumbar puncture.  Her roommate interrupted their negotiation to inform Masters that a position in diagnostics was open and that House didn’t want an intern he wanted Masters.  Kendall convinced her mother to compete.  Masters tried to work with her father but he didn’t ant to hurt his family. 

House sent Masters and Thirteen to draw blood on the Kendall, the patient.  Her mother was testing her own boat knowledge and seemed not to be concerned about her daughter being in the hospital.  Masters got a page for a lumbar puncture and while en route she ran into Cuddy and asked advice about taking the position with House.  Cuddy didn’t give the answer she wanted and tried to force her to make her own decision.  By the time Masters got to the ER, Cruz was doing the lumbar puncture.  His fourteenth.

It was kind of awkward when Masters met Thirteen but everyone else seemed more thrilled.  The case is a sixteen year old who is planning to sail around the world in a few days.  While going over the case, House asked Masters if she had signed up for her internship yet.  Uh oh, does Masters not want to be a part of the team anymore?  No, she took the position and then forged that she did 10 LP’s instead of 9 because she knows how to do them.

Masters ran into her roommate who told her she was weird and that she should take the placement with House.  As she refused to lie about getting 10 LP’s, Foreman said he was glad she was staying on the team for a positive perspective.  Thirteen offered up her lumbar for an LP and gave Masters advice.  That there is not room for someone different on the team unless House wanted there to be room.  House found out and took away the internship.  He told her to enjoy being a surgeon.

Masters signed up to be a surgeon and was able to give advice that worked and was accepted.  The patient she helped was Kendall, House’s patient.  Masters went to check on her as another procedure was going on and gave Kendall’s dad some words of encouragement.  Kendall was having trouble and Masters ditched surgery by saying she had to pee.  House caught Masters in three lies, will he ask her back?  Masters made it clear she was not back and was just there for the case.  House said, “you have gotten really good at this whole lying thing.”

Masters’ indecisiveness may cause her the surgical internship.  Masters went to run some more test and figured out that Kendall may have an allergic reaction to poultry.  Kendall gave Masters some pearls of wisdom, “you don’t always like what you love to do.”  As Chase and Masters looked for the infection and advised her to go back to surgery when the case is over.  Chase cancer in the bone of her arm.  It is treatable but involves arm amputation.  Kendall could do chemo after the amputation but her family was actually going to discuss putting off the amputation until she finished sailing around the world.  Masters went to House for guidance and he said break the rules and save her life.  Masters then went to Wilson for help and he advised her to keep trying because that is all you can do.  He then told Masters about House and his ex-girlfriend signing off on his surgery when he was in a medical induced coma.  Masters went to see Kendall and gave her some “medicine.”  Her parents then gave permission to amputate the arm.  The team was shocked to see that Masters caused the cardiac arrest in order to get permisison to amputate Kendall’s arm.

Kendall was not a happy camper when she woke up without an arm.  She hates everyone!  The mom thanked Masters  as she walked away.  Masters decided she couldn’t do it and told House she was leaving.  She didn’t know what she wanted to do but she did want to be there.  So, no more Masters?  Interesting episode.  She will be back I think.

Bet of the episode:  Wilson and House kept chickens to see who could keep one the longest.  House taught a dog to fetch white feathers and got Wilson’s chicken.  Wilson got caught with House’s chicken by security and said it was Dr. Gregory House’s chicken.  Bet $20 to Wilson, next week parrots.

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