I have been MIA from Chuck post for several weeks now.  I am still watching the show, though half-heartedly at times, and semi-enjoying it but I just can’t bring myself to write about it.  Chuck, whose “meant to be” season finale was proably the last episode I wrote on, has been strugling to find its way lately.  There’s a lot of lying still going on, Chuck still hasn’t told Ellie he is spying, Ellie hasn’t told Chuck that she has the super computer, and Volkoffs daughter hasn’t told anyone she is secretly evil yet.  And around and around we go.  I guess my main issue is that I feel like Chuck has been here before and is just treading water until the season finale so they can go out with a bang or a big cliff hanger.

The other issue being ratings have been bad and seem to be getting worse so its hard for me to stay invested in a show that may not be saved.  I know we have been here before as fans of Chuck, in fact we have been here every season, but something feels different this time.  It feels like Chuck may have told its story and doesn’t have a lot of places to go.  Don’t get me wrong I would love to have Chuck one more season, and would probably watch, but if quality doesn’t improve I won’t be sad to see it go.  I will simply be grateful for the time we had. 

Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall had a great interview with Zachary Levi, where even he isn’t being super optimistic about a renewal, which I find refreshing and realisitic.  EW.com also had a take on the renewal from Chuck actor Ryan McPartlin where he states that ratings need help and fans need to come up with a new scheme to save the show.

So what do you all think, is Chuck worth saving at this point?  And have you been enjoying the back half of this season?

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