The episode started out with the girls doing a positive reinforcement circle.  You know, when you get in a circle and say one nice thing about someone.  Lauren went first and it crashed and burned.  The new coach then paired the girls up with each other to learn routines to better learn each other.  Darby paired herself with Emily.  This may help Emily by building a bond.  It was painful watching Payson and Lauren being partners.  Talk about catfight.  Oh yeah, Why must Lauren throw herself at Max.  She even called dibbs on Max!

Austin is amazing.  He even offered to help Payson with Lauren’s routine and impress Max!

Kaylie’s eating disorder buddy, Maeve, picked her up after a session.  We can all see where this is going.  Admititng she had an eating disorder got her out of rehab but now her parents believe everything her therapist says.  “Kaylie will die if she does gymnatiscs”- Kaylie.  Maeve suggested that she get her parents to be against her therapist.  Her plan worked.

Steve watched the entire video of Sasha and Payson.  Is he going to do the right thing?  Speaking of parents, Chloe tried to be hardcore and try some actual parenting.  After that she apologized!  She can’t even tell that Emily gave up the cookies to Damon.  Way to go Chloe, you are always letting me down.  Steve confronted Lauren, but she has so much dirt on him I don’t think he will ever man up!

Payson contacted Austin about “this sexy thing.”  Love it!  To sum this up: Cat energy and hip rocking!  To bad it didn’t last long because Payson walked out.

Maeve came to dinner with Kaylie and her parents and she was able to distract them from her not eating.  At Steve’s house they were finishing up dinner when Summer asked him what was wrong.  He talked about being a failure at teaching Lauren values.  He asked Summer’s advice on how to punish a teenager.  She gave him the best advice, make them accountable.  “We all know what’s right.  It’s just having the courage to do it”- Summer.

Kaylie and Maeve came to the Rock and Austin still tried to give it to her straight.  When Austin went back to practice he seemed off and surprised she thinks she is ready to start training.  Payson, figured that she was ready to do Lauren’s routine, she planned to do military procession to do the routine.  Emily left practice (thanks to Darby’s new rules) to confront her mother about her job.  She walked in on “Bambi” pouring a shot!

Lauren did Payson’s routine perfectly.  Payson came out in true Lauren fashion, loved it!  Payson can be sexy and not slutty!  She also got Max very interested.

Steve came in with the full CD and Lauren broke down.  She finally started thinking about the consequences.  She promised to never do it again if he let this pass.  Steve was weak and let her get away with it.  This will all come out in the end and Steve will go down as well.

Kaylie’s parents argued over whose fault it was with Kaylie’s disorder.  Her parents decided to trust the therapist.  Kaylie completely freaked out because she was not going back to the gym.

Payson went to see Emily to see what was going on.  Way to go co-captain.  She gave it to Emily straight.  She is not the only one with issues.  The only thing she can control is going to practice and giving it her all or she will fall apart.  Emily confessed having sex with Damon and how she is in love with him.  Payson asked what she wants more, Emily responded going to the Olympics.  She then started whining about what if she didn’t win, what if Damon didn’t work out.  Payson told her she couldn’t worry about all these things and how she wants to got to the Olympics with Emily by her side.

Kaylie called Maeve for some support only to hear her mother say that she passed away.  Maeve had heart failure in the Denver Airport.  I hope the message gets clear for Kaylie now.

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  1. Sunshine says:

    good epsiode and I liked Max until I realized he was the actor who dated Amy Winehouse and Miley Cyrus! He is too dirty in real life to play “pure” Payson’s boyfriend!

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